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| Monday, June 18, 2007

In showbiz, Andy Lau is well-known to be hardworking artist role model had took some time off to write a letter for all the patients suffering from Hepatitis in Mainland China. Ever since becoming the ambassador for China's Hepatitis Prevention Foundation in 31 August 2006, Andy had participated in a series of Hepatitis charity activities as he revealed that he was also a "Hepatitis virus carrier".

In the open letter, he expressed: "I'm delighted to be able to become the ambassador of Hepatitis Prevention and participating the activities personally, I hope that through my voice could bring concern, confidence and encouragement to Hepatitis patients in Mainland China. Ever since becoming the ambassador, many patients and their family members had wrote to me to express their gratitude and support, they sing praise of our activities had brought them huge confidence and encouragement. Here, I would like to use the media to thank the support for the patients."

In addition, he also expressed that although he is a carrier of Hepatitis virus, as he's able to go through long periods of body check-ups and plan well his resting time, thus it has no effect on his lifestyle as he could live as a normal person. Andy hope to tell patients through his own experience that facing it with a positive attitude, listen to the doctor's instruction thus creating a correct mindset of treatment, whether your life is exciting depend on your own hands!

Another motive of Andy's open letter is to announce the writing composition of "You & I, Fighting Hepatitis together". Andy urges everyone to take part in this competition. He said: "In the past, the society have many misunderstanding of Hepatitis which makes patient don't dare to face it, some patient gave up as they're scared to be looked down on, I hope that through this competition, patients could pick up their pen to write down and thus share with everybody the process of fighting against Hepatitis, also to encourage each other. With regards to non-hepatitis patients, they could read the stories to be touched by the stories and get relevant information."

news from: Sina.com