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| Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Andy Lau's 2007 Mainland China concert tour will kick off on 1 September, Inner Mongolia's Hu He Hao Te city would be the tour's first stop. The news spokesman expressed that Andy would sing a Mongolian song for the local fans.

In Mongolian language, Hu He Hao Te means City of Green. It was heard that this concert would be the largest, highest production and invested concert in Mongolian history. After this stop, Andy would set off for Nan Ning, Ling Bo, Nanjing, Yiwu, Chang Chun, Yan Tai, Hanzhou, Tianjing, Beijing, Taizhou, Shanghai, Jinjiang, Chengdu and other cities.

The spokesman also revealed that Andy is very concerned of this concert in Mongolia as he had take some time off to learn a Mongolian song 'Ji Xiang San Bao'. The spokesman forecast that Andy would ask the audience to sing along the Mongolian song with him.

news from: Ta Kung Po