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| Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It had been two years since Andy Lau released a Mandarin album, he will be releasing a brand new Mandarin album this summer holiday. His new song 'Mu Di' (Flute) would premiere worldwide today, the music video is a collaboration with Taiwanese illustrator Wu Ling Wei had just returned from further studies on animation in England, he's also the winner of Best Music Video in last year's Taiwan's Hits Awards. The music video will be represented in animation format, it will be a touching Cowherd and Girl-weaver story.

Earlier, Andy was in Taiwan for the shooting of music video, within a short period of a few days he need to shoot music videos for 3 - 4 songs, it was a tight schedule as he get only 3 hours of sleeping time. Andy exclaimed that he admired Wu's animation as he sing praise that he had his own personal style. Meanwhile, Wu is also a loyal fan of Andy, due to his shy character, he asked his colleague to autograph on his Andy's posters and album. Andy then quipped why Wu don't dare to meet him but wanted him to autograph for him on posters and albums.

Andy expressed that album producer Lee An-xiu wanted to made the house-hold Cowherd and Girl-weaver story into a romantic love song. When recording the song, Andy already feel that the song is very touching, while singing he sighed that he's the modern Cowherd as his girlfriend can only become a girl-weaver because he was always working and need to jet around the globe for shooting, his work took up almost his whole life. Andy quipped that being a cowherd and wanted to meet the girl weaver, it might not be once a year but once every ten years, he believed that the girl weaver would not be waiting for him and would be scared away by him!

Recently, Andy made himself a sponge figure - Andox (meaning Andy and Ox) that is very popular as Taiwan news station's programme was amazed of Andy's sewing skills as they produced a story on Andy making the figure. Andy wrote a new blog entry in Beijing last night to announce that many people love his hand-made Andox figure, thus he decided to release merchandise of Andox to allow his fans and those adore Andox to own one, he's also prepared to bring his little ox Andox to participate in July's Taiwan Toy Fair, he also asked all to give Andox a Chinese name. Andy also revealed that it was quite a fiery situation when he first met Andox as he thought of using a bowling bowl or drive a jeep over Andox, luckily they managed to settle their differences.

When asked if Andy will made another girl-weaver figure for Andox? Andy quipped that he never thought of that as Andox is only one month old on 11 June, it would be too fast to get a girlfriend, it's impossible. Being the mother of the figure, he's still yet to find a wife, how could Andox get a girlfriend?

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, SingTao News