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| Friday, June 15, 2007

It had been 2 years that Andy Lau released a Mandarin album. Although just slept for 3 hours the previous night and didn't applied any makeup, but his face was rosy and all wrinkles seems to have disappear, it makes one wonder if he had "did anything"? However, Andy denied that he went for a facelift nor taking botox, he exclaimed that the secret of him maintaining his youth is having a bland diet and maintain a haapy mentality.

For the music video of 'Mu Di', he collaborated with last year's 17th Taiwan Golden Melody Best Music Video Director Shu Jun Teng. It's the first time that Andy tried using animation for his music video. Although Andy does not appear in the video, but he's still concern about the content of the animation as he specially dropped by Shu's production workshop to witness the creation of the animation.

Shu had met Andy 5 years ago, then Shu was just a music video assistant but after 5 years, he's already the winner of Taiwan Golden Melody Best Music Video Director. He told Andy that he had not change these 5 years thus was curious of how Andy's youth secret. Andy quipped: "Ah? I didn't changed, but you're doing great, you already won yourself an award at the Golden Melody Awards." This sentence revealed Andy's grief as he had never won any awards in the Golden Melody Awards.

It had been 2 years since his last Mandarin album, Andy is very serious with Mu Di as he would have a world premiere of the song at HIT FM, whereas the music video will premiere at Channel [V], this will give the fans to listen and watch 'Mu Di' as the album will be released next month.

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news from: udnNews, Sina.com