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| Friday, June 01, 2007

Recently Andy Lau invited three of the TVB Tigers Felix Wong, Ken Tong and Michael Miu to shoot a new film titled 'Xiong Di', Tony Leung is the only one TVB Tigers being left, it leads to allegations that Andy and Tony are not on good terms. One particular experience crew member from TVB revealed the inside news of dis-band of the 5 Tigers.

During that time, Andy is very particular of loyalty, he would not forget about his "brothers" when he's about to change company, Tony being the first one to distance himself from the group thus result to the dis-banding of the 5 Tigers. When interviewed , Andy exclaimed that it's a pity that he could not become a "family member" friend with Tony.

It was known that when the 5 Tigers prepared to jump into the movie industry, Andy expressed that he wanted to bring the other tigers along with him. One crew member from Cinema City revealed that during that time the two major movie companies in Hong Kong namely Cinema City and Golden Harvest wanted to sign up Andy and Tony but were not interested in the other 3 Tigers. Being loyal, Andy used his future as gamble as he stress that if anyone was to sign him up would have to sign the other tigers up as well, but his wish did not come true in the end.

Then, TVB knew that the 5 Tigers were going to leave the company together, thus the company decided to discuss with each of the tigers individually thus secretly dis-banding the 5 Tigers. One particular TVB producer revealed that Tony whose family depend on his pay and him being working rather in a low profile manner, the high ranked officials in TVB decided to start their work on him as they kept asking him to extend his TVB contract which includes an additional fees to be included in his pay as bait. In the end, Tony surrender to the attractive offer and extend his TVB contract.

After extending its contract with Tony, the 5 Tigers camp came down. However Andy refuse to extend his contract, thus he was being kept in cold storage by TVB for one year, the initial plan of releasing an album for him was shelved.

After Tony extending his TVB contract on his own, the other 3 Tigers have some hatred of Tony, but Andy never express his anger at Tony, all these years Andy had expressed that Tony's decision was correct as all of them did not know what's expecting them outside TVB, each has their own choice.

news from: http://ent.QQ.com