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| Thursday, May 31, 2007

Newly crowned Cannes' Best Actress Jeon Do-yeon would be getting lots of film offers after having garned international fame overnight. However, before she was crowned Best Actress at Cannes, internationally renowned arts director Yuen Wo Ping had already invited her to shoot a film in Hong Kong where she would collaborate with Andy Lau in an action romantic film.

Yuen Wo Ping whom made his name with films in Matrix, Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon and Kill Bill, had already decided to return to his roots (Asia) as a director, it creates many guesses and it's alleged that he would be shooting the story of Zhou Yu which is untrue. Yuen whom was in Cannes Film Festival to distribute limited edition promotional book to international film distributors expressed that he would be working on several film projects, among them would be 'Tie Mian Xia' where the male lead had been decided to be Andy and for the female lead, Jeon Do-yeon is one of the actresses being approached. When Yuen approached Jeon Do-yeon, she was yet crowned Best Actress at Cannes, with her career upped another level, Yuen feel happy for her and send his congratulations to her through her manager!

Other than Jeon Do-yeon, Song Hye Gyo and Im Su-jeong were also approached by Yuen. Yuen is very serious of his first film as a director after so many years, currently he's designing the fighting scenes, his fighting scenes in Matrix movies made Keanu Reeves popular, he hopes to challenge himself to create fighting scenes that are more exciting than those in Matrix in order to improve the reputation and market price of Hong Kong action films.

When contacted by reporters, Yuen answered in the telephone interview: "I indeed approached Korean actresses for collaboration, but no details had been concluded, I'm in no position to reveal anything now, I've to wait for the company to announce."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News