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| Tuesday, June 05, 2007

As both movies based on Three Kingdom, there are many comparisons between Red Cliff and Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, however the latter had been low profile as it only allow the media to visit the shooting venue for the first time recently. As "Zhao Zilong" Andy Lau was busy shooting in the studio, he was unable to meet the media with only director Daniel Lee, art director-actor Sumo Hung and Vanness Wu present.

When the poster of the film was revealed in the recent Cannes Film Festival, Zhao Zilong's helmet and armor was being criticized by netizens that it looked like a samurai. With regards to the matter, Daniel replied that they did not copy other countries' warrior look as this image is decided after many research by the crew to conclude with this image that gives one the 21st century feel, although it's troublesome for Andy to wear during shooting but it looked very nice. Daniel also guarantee that it's a creation of Chinese arts, he said: "I like to read Three Kingdom thus I respect the author and Chinese culture, I hope to do a revamp with all these."

The revamp also includes the film's story, although Zhao Zilong is a general in original story, but seldom being mentioned, the director would be setting off from some small stories that was being neglected in Romance of the Three Kingdom and go through some logical imagination, he said: "Of course Zhao Zilong is a great hero, but there are also questions on a hero, why he want to go to war? Why is he so strong? What's his character?" To Daniel, Zhao Zilong is a hero who is under huge pressure and has a loner character. The largest imagination was to transform Cao Cao's grandson Cao Yin into grand-daughter, and also allow her to watch Zhao's performance since young to leave a deep impression on the little girl, thus will there be a love relationship between the two, the director refused to reveal anything.

When asked about the comparison with Red Cliff, Daniel said: "No matter how many ships there are, it won't block the sea, it's so huge in Three Kingdom, it could still being filmed into 100 films! I've yet thought about the box office collection, there are more important problems currently for me to worry."

This would be Daniel collaborating with Andy since A Fighter's Blues, Daniel had high praise of Andy, he said: "He gave me many surprises when playing this character, I never expected that he would presented it this way, he will always use many professional imagination and expression to help us to mould this Zhao Yun character, it will also surprise the audience."

news from: Sina.com