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| Friday, June 22, 2007

Once again Andy Lau got himself into allegation, he's currently location shooting in Mainland China and was invited to attend a CCTV programme 'Tong Yi Shou Ge' (literally translated as The Same Song) collaborating with China Fire Service in a charity event titled 'Yin Xiong Mu Qin' (literally translated as Hero's Mother) to sing 'Zhong Guo Ren' (Chinese) but several invitation by the event's director was rejected thus making the female director cried as she failed bad for unable to make the wish of Hero's Mother come true.

According to reports in Mainland China, Andy was not informed of this matter, when told he took the initative to write a calligraphy for Hero's Mother Charity Fund in September, however the matter did not stop there, the calligraphy matter did not have any follow up. There was a report in Mainland China's dailies and Internet that another programme of CCTV 'Zhong Hua Qin' had dropped it's idea of inviting Andy, thus allegations of CCTV put Andy into cold storage, the producer pointing out that they would only invite suitable performing guest to perform.

With regards to the above allegation, Andy nor his management company made any response, however it spurned several discussion in the Internet. Basically, netizens think that Andy did not do anything wrong, the whole incident is made up by the programme, Mainland China's programme don't normally invite superstars for their charity programmes, Andy had the rights to arrange his own work schedule, he's not entitled to attend these programmes.

Although Andy did not response on this matter, but he did use Dragon Boat Festival and Qu Yuan to explain why people want to remember Dragon Boat Festival? Because Qu
Yuan is a national hero who is loyal to his country and love its people, but he was framed by corrupted officials thus drowned himself in the river, then Andy's "son" said: "I wanted to tell Qu Yuan, actually not to be sad, it's very hard to make everyone understand you, he's very brave ...." Andy had no choice but to maintain his own stand.

news from: MingPao