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| Sunday, June 24, 2007

Andy Lau supposed to be location shooting for Three Kingdom - Ressurection of the Dragon in Beijing but he returned to Hong Kong recently and appeared yesterday at Wan Chai's Star Street for the shooting of the music video for 'Heng Dai' theme song around three in the afternoon.

Michael Miu and Lam Katung who were in the movie also appeared to cameo for the shooting of the music video. The weather was very hot yesterday as it's more than 30 degree celsius. Andy whom returned to Hong Kong to escape from wearing period costume would never expect that Hong Kong would have the same hot weather as Beijing.

The shooting location was outside a building, it attracted many onlookers including some office ladies whom had just knocked off from work, as the production team was blocking the entrance and exit of the carpark, thus causing a hinderance for vehicles to enter and exit the building, unhappy tenants called the police as the police came down to understand the situation before shooting can resume.

Andy was wearing a Western suit, under more than 30 degree celsius; Andy, Michael and Lam were sweating until their shirt were soaked with sweat.

Andy quipped that he was delighted when told that he will be returning to Hong Kong to shoot the music video as he could not stand the heat when he wore period costume for the location shooting of Three Kingdom - Ressurection of the Dragon in Beijing but he need to wear Western suit for the location shooting, it's much more hotter than Beijing.

Therefore during break time, Andy would immediately remove his coat and the crew members would help him to wipe away the sweat and fan him to disperse heat while he was drinking cold water to prevent himself from getting a stroke.

Meanwhile, there was allegation that due to Andy refuse to attend CCTV's The Same Song related activities and was put into cold storage by CCTV. It's spokesman denied as they said that the event would be held in Gansu which happened to be the hometown of crazy fan Yang Lijuan, to prevent any trouble, they decided not to invite Andy to perform. They expressed that they also understand that Andy was location shooting thus unable to attend but they would still collaborate with him in future.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, SingTao News