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| Friday, August 03, 2007

Metro Guoyuli Awards will be held tomorrow night and Oriental Daily News had sources that Universal Music and Metro Radio still has a sour relationship thus singers under the label would not be attending the ceremony. Eason Chan whom won award(s) would not be attending the ceremony. Due to clashes in their schedules, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Fahrenheit, Stephanie Sun Yanzi would not be coming to Hong Kong, thus Andy Lau, Joey Yung and S.H.E would become big winners.

During last year's Metro Music Awards, Eason lose out to Leo Ku by 0.5 awards which turn the relationship sour between Metro Radio and Universal Music. However Eason do attend the Metro Radio production 7th Chinese Media Award, it was touted that both parties had settled their differences but actually the event was organised by Nanfang Daily News and the Mainland China daily sent out invitation thus Universal Music sent Eason to attend the event without knowledge that it was related to Metro Radio.

As Guoyuli is under Metro Radio, Universal Music would not allowed singers under Cinepoly and Go East to attend the ceremony, that also includes hot favorites Eason and Jacky Cheung. However, sources was saying that Metro would still present award to Eason in hope to repair its relationship with Universal Music.

From Taiwan, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Stephanie Sun, Fahrenheit, David Tao, Wong Li-hom would not be attending due to clashes in schedule, only S.H.E, Richie Ren, Elva Hsiao and Valen Hsu to support the ceremony.

Luckily Andy Lau whom had a good relationship with Metro Radio will attend the ceremony, in addition to Joey Yung, Twins, Denise Ho, Alex Fong, Yumiko Cheng, Mainland China's Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Liang Ying would be attending, there should be more than 30 singers attending. It's touted that Andy, Joey and S.H.E would be the biggest winner for male, female and group respectively. Metro will also present a Music Industry Contribution award to Liu Jia Chang where his students William So and Patrick Tam to present the award to him.

news from: Oriental Daily News