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| Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wearing an Armani western suit, Andy Lau was at Shanghai yesterday to attend ther press conference for his Wonderful World world concert tour. For this concert tour, Andy hope that it would be a breakthrough when compared to his 2005 concert world tour which was being tagged as the concerts of his career at its peak. In order to make the concert refreshing, the first stop of the tour would not be in Hong Kong but in Inner Mongolia. Andy expressed that he anticipated this concert in Inner Mongolia as it's the furthest city among the Mainland China concert tours, he believed the the love and enthusiasm of the audience in Mongolia would make it a memorable night.

Andy whom always has high requirements of himself had already started rehearsing for the concerts as he woke up 9 AM in the morning and rehearse till 7 PM at night as he wish to give a perfect performance to his fans. This makes one think if he locked himself in his apartment to train his abs in order to show off his good figure during the concerts. With regards to this question, Andy said: "I put on weight recently, in addition to my age increasing, I would keep my clothes on this time round but there will be visual effect to give a new and refreshing feel."

With regards to his costume and stage design, Andy would stick to his perfectionist mentality as he invited fashion guru Giorgio Armani to design his stage costumes. With regards to his collaboration with Giorgio Armani, Andy said: "I'm honor to be able to collaborate with the fashion guru, I'll try hard to keep fit and wear his clothes in my best condition." Andy will be the first Asian artiste that Giorgio Armani collaborated after Sting and John Legend.

He also spend a lot of money on his new defying stage, the whole production fee for his stage exceeded $60000,000 renminbi, it included the see-through LED screen which is used for the first time in Mainland China, it would bring the audience and Andy into a miracle world on the moon. Andy revealed that there will be 2 sets of stage designs which will be different when he perform in the A group of cities and B group of cities.

With regards to allegations that this would be his last concert tour in Mainland China, Andy said that it's impossible: "Haha, I will never rest, please rest assured. I enjoyed my current way of working, have a happy life, there's nothing that made me wanted to leave all of you." Andy also revealed: "We have arranged to perform in 15 cities for this year's schedule, then I would return to Hong Kong to perform, if I managed to find time after my shooting next year, I will continue to perform in different cities in Mainland China."

When asked if he would perform mask changing in his concerts, he exclaimed that he had promise his teacher that he won't perform without his approval. He said: "I will not be performing mask changing, but I will be performing magic which will blend into my songs and dance." Andy refuse to reveal any of the concert's content.

Being in showbiz for so many years, Andy still maintain his high popularity, he was also surprised as he said: "I'm also curious why do those aged around 20 still adore me." Among the reporters, some are Andy's fans too as one of them quipped: "I grew up listening to your songs, I like you a lot and look up to you!" Those present burst into laughters and Andy exclaimed: "This is not a joke, I think this is something that I should be proud of."

There are worries that there are many "crazy fans" around, take example the Yang Lijuan incident and a fan of Jacky Cheung whom swallow 60 sleeping pills on his concert. With regards to that, Andy said that he's not worried of encountering any crazy fans during this concert tour, he said: "Surely there will be some segment to interact with the audience. With regards to security, believed that the organizer will be well prepared, if I'm worried of all these, there's no point of me having concert." The organizer had revealed that they will do their best in security, meanwhile the audience will be reminded not to do any extraordinary things that will affect their own and others' safety.

Some reporters asked if during the handover anniversary gala when Chinese president Hu Jingtao shake his hand and asked him to come to hold concert in China as soon as possible, Andy burst into laughters and quipped: "He told me not to answer this question." He also asked the reporters not to make joke out of this.

When asked about the red patch on his below his left eye, he explained that he bump into a female dancer during dance rehearsal, it don't hurts.

On the press conference, some reporters asked Andy about the allegation that Jacky Cheung lose control of himself during his concerts in Singapore. Andy has an understanding of Jacky as he expressed that when he's singing songs like 'Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui' and 'Lang Ren Qin Ge', he would shout out loud more. "I hope I won't give an impression that I lose control of myself as we are just more agitated." Andy expressed that if he encountered stress, he would de-stress through bowling, dancing and watching TV.

Andy revealed that earlier he was invited to write a song for the Olympic Games, but till now he still have a satisfied composition to submit and he would continue to work hard. He reveal that he had already written a song titled Everyone is No. 1 for the upcoming Paralympic Games Chinese committee.

He holds a depend on affinity mentality when comes to whether he will be asked to sing the Olympic Games theme song, he would be delighted if asked to sing, he will still support if not able to sing it. Andy added that he would support the 2008 Olympic Games, if the organizer asked him to help, he would be glad to help, he had already asked tickets from his friend to fly to Beijing to watch the competition.

In addition, with regards to earlier reports that he and Jackie Chan will be invited to dress up as the Olympic Games' mascot, he express: "Jackie had already answered this allegation, I have never heard of this before, is it possible? "

With regards to news that Andy will be dubbing talk-show 'Bai Jia Jiang Tan' into Cantonese, Andy replied: "How am I going to dub it?" He added: "I indeed mentioned how good is 'Bai Jia Jiang Tan', I feel that this program would be easy for those whom are not interested in history to gain some historical knowledge." Andy revealed that he did have a discussion with the program's production team, he said: "I hope to bring this program to Hong Kong to be broadcast."

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