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| Monday, July 30, 2007

Heavenly king Andy Lau made 16-years-old 'mei mei' (girls) cried thrice within one hour! Andy attended I Love Blackie for the first time, on seeing those young girls, the youngest being 14-years-old Tang Gou, Andy was like a father figure taking care of the mei mei. Tang Gou also didn't disappoint Andy as she show off her superb dance moves and Andy gave her a hug as award and encouragement to the envy of the other girls as all of them display their skills in order to win a hug from Andy, of course Andy did not reject their offer, from Tang Gou, Gui Gui, Xiao Man, Tao Zi, Di Di, Yong Tu, Apple, even the assistant instructor Ah Wei also want a hug from the girls. When Andy heard Ah Wei saying that after being hugged by the girls, he would be so delighted that he need not bath, Andy quipped: "I should be the one whom would not need to bath! Today I've hugged 7-8 girls!"

In order to welcome the arrival of the heavenly king, the girls sang a series of Andy's new and old songs, Yong Tu was the first to perform, she went out of tune several time, she was so sad that she cried, she even dashed to the toilet to cry her heart out which stunned Andy. Di Di was the next to sing, although she sang not bad but she also cried as she's not satisfied of her performance. In order to prevent her from further crying, Andy went forward to console her, never expected Di Di said as she was crying: "My mother really like you!" This sentence made Andy speechless and does not know what to do.

After other had performed, Yong Tu decided to take the challenge after she had patched up her emotions, indeed she performed better, however after hearing Andy singing praise that she sang not bad, she began to cry again. Andy then hugged her to console her as if a father consoling his daughter. In the end, Andy need to pick out the best performer among the girls, he picked Yong Tu and she cried again for her surprise win, she cried a total of three times.

Attending the programme for the first time, Andy follow the rule by saying out the most crazy things he did when he was 18-years-old, Andy quipped that he just enrolled himself into the actor training classes wheh he was 18-years-old, during training he managed to meet Chow Yun Fat, as there is some difference in height between himself and Chow Yun Fat, he wanted to know him better, Andy had an idea of going into the props room to search for a thick sole shoe, he happily wore it and fall when he was going down the stairs, he was send to the hospital, what a silly incident.

Andy exposed the silly incident when he just graduated from the training class and started acting, he was asked to play a gangster who beat up people, after beating up the victim, he would need to throw things at him, however Andy felt that he was a rightful man, thus he gave the things to the victim in a courteous manner which anger the director as he shouted: "Are you really sure that you graduated from the training classes, do you need to go back and train for a few more years?" There was also a simple appearance scene, Andy failed to have a good take even after several takes, the cameraman shouted at him: "Impossible? Who can use a nail and nailed his legs!" The girls got to know that heavenly king megastar also has such a past.

With regards to which character he would like to challenge himself? Being an experience actor, Andy quipped that he wanted to challenge himself to be a female, a pretty female. Blackie immediately asked him to perform on the spot with himself as the handsome man and Andy would be the girl to declare "her" love to him. Being a multiple acting awards winner, Andy run and jump to act out the cute woman, however he does not know the record of Blackie having french kiss with numerous male artistes, Blackie indeed arranged for a kissing scene, however maybe he's dealing with a heavenly king, Blackie asked for positioning instead, however Andy whom just had his dinner gave out a smell from his mouth which Blackie complaint. Andy quipped that the smell might come from the peanut sauce of the bread that he just ate!

news from: ETtoday