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| Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bringing along his latest Mandarin album, Andy Lau appeared in a talk show program 'Tai Ke Le Le' 《太可乐了》. He share with audience about writing a song for the Olympic Games, not talking about Jet Li's life, he also describe his plans after marriage and he would be learning from Eric Tsang to accompany the stage of children growing up.

Although he had a modern dance in his latest song, but Andy is still a traditional person. He revealed that he did thought of writing a song for the Olympic Games: "I initially wanted to write a song for the Olympic Games as they were inviting people to write song for the games, then I started to think what is the national exercise, after thinking for half a day, I feel that it's The Rice Sprout Song. Then, I was thinking of using that rhythm, that kind of music for the song." Being lack of experience in the Rice Sprout Song, Andy exclaimed that he failed to come out with the song. The compere then quipped: "You should find one weekend and come to my house and learn it from my wife."

Being in showbiz for more than 20 years, if one day Andy would to get married, will he let go of his career for his family? What promise would Andy made to his wife? Andy answered: "Wait till the day I get married, I will give up 2/3 of my work, surely on the day that I'm getting married."

When talked about responsibility for family, Andy expressed that Eric Tsang had a huge effect on him, he said: "I remember Eric once told me which gave me some reflection. One day he told me that he does not know how his daughter and son looked like when they are between 2 - 8 years old. When I heard him saying that, it made me think, I won't do that to my children."

In his latest album, there is a song titled Most Popular Male Singer. In the song, Andy pointed out that the song reflect the current music industry, he said: "There are too many music award presentation ceremonies, there is still a group of people working hard for these awards."

When asked about current singers attracting attention with their look, Andy expressed that he's not unhappy as he said: "On many award presentation ceremonies, the most popular male singer is a strange situation. Let's say if I win the award today, you didn't win the award, both of us have the same popularity. If the photograph on the next day's paper, your photograph is larger than mine, because you're staring or you said something that you're unhappy of." Andy added: "Another thing is, what you're wearing on that day."

In his new album, there is a charity-valued song One Dollar which was written in support of good friend Jet Li's One Charity Foundation. It's understand that Andy initially asked Jet to sing the song which he reject Andy's offer. When talked about this, it "anger" Andy as he said: "I initially asked him to sing, but he refuse. I told him that I can write a good song for him to sing which I will include in my album. Then I will fund the animated music video, even with this offer he still reject my offer." Andy still remember Jet's rejection, he explained: "The lyrics is simple, because it narrate what we can do with a dollar. I'm telling you, a dollar can include all the love."

news from: ent.tom.com