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| Monday, July 30, 2007

Andy Lau held his Andy Lau Miracle World Autograph session at Kwan Tong APM Mall, the organiser arranged 400 autograph slots but the event attracted more than 2,000 which jam packed the 6-storey shopping mall.

The organiser arranged 5 sexy-dressed girl-weavers to kiss Andy which leave lip-stick marks on his face.

One of the girl-weavers who was busty and wearing bikini gave Andy a hug, a lucky and gentleman Andy did not look at the girl-weaver's chest area throughout the hug as he only accepted the hug.

Andy also introduced his son Andox to everybody, Andox whom faced so many people for the first time seems to be hyperactive as it snatch away the limelight from its "mother" (Andy) until "mother" had to ask him to stop!

Andy made an appearance in a $800,000 convertible accompanied by 2 kids dressed in jeans wear onto the stage, then 5 sexy-dressed girl-weavers of different nationals took turns to kiss Andy.

On seeing the girl-weavers, Andy said in English: "So sweet, I'm happy to see you."

As all the girl-weavers are taller than Andy, thus his fore-head is full of lip-stick marks.

Among the girl-weavers was one busty bikini-clad gave Andy a hug, another carried Andy from behind, lucky Andy.

When taking a group photograph with the girl-weavers, Andy gave the fans flying kisses.

When Andy introduce Andox, the rather plump Andox was the favorite among the fans as he was shaking from side to side while walking up the stage, it immediately snatch the limelight away from Andy. Andy sang a total of 4 songs.

When Andy was singing, it also started to dance. Andy acted as if he was jealous and tell the audience: "Please look at me for a while."

Andox was hyperactive as it kept dancing in the stage, even Andy passed him the flowers that he collected from his fans, Andox gave no attention to him and Andy had to said: "Are you tired? Can you quiet down for a while, don't think I don't dare to scold you!"

When interviewed, Andy revealed that if he's not feeling unwell, he would gave a courteous kiss back to the girl-weavers. When asked about Andy's sight not on the sexy-dressed girls figure, he burst into laughters and said: "How would I dare, if you (reporters) were to photograph me doing it, how am I going to explain. But all of them are very pretty and enthusiastic. (Being so good luck with girls, do you feel like an emperor?) Of course not, this is a miracle world."

Although Andox snatch the limelight from Andy, he does not mind, he said: "Andox snatching limelight away from me, it doesn't matter, even the sexy-dressed girl weavers snatched away the limelight from me also doesn't matter, actually the appearance of Andox will made more people know about the album, when they think of it, it will think of my album."

When asked about the sale figure of his album, Andy exclaimed that no calculation had been made, because it was much different from the past as previously he only promote one song, but this time round he promoted around 3-4 songs, with the Mainland China concert tour that follows, it would be help for the album. (Would you be bringing Andox along for your concert?) I'll bring him along, whether he would go on stage would depend on the situation. He seems hard to follow to the beat just now, maybe he's more familiar with jazz, I shall made him listen to my songs more often, ha ha."

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