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| Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stephen Fung is preparing for the remake of 1967's Story of a Discharged Prisoner (Upright Repenter), shooting will start in March 2008, the film will be invested by Andy Lau's Focus Films Limited and the story will be around 2 brothers love and hatred, the 1967 had Patrick Tse Yin as the elder brother which Andy had confirmed going to take up the role, with regards to the younger brother initially played by Wong Wei will be taken up by Aaron Kwok. Stephen hope that this combination will be refreshing for the audience.

Although Andy and Aaron had collaborated in Savior of the Soul, Lee Rock II, Gameboy Kids and Future Cops, but it's seems 14 years that they last collaborated, Stephen feel that when the 2 heavenly kings collaborating would create some new chemistry, he expressed: "After watching After This Our Exile, I discover that he's able to take up hot temper character, his acting had improved, thus I think that taking this role which will be similar with Al Pacino's character in Scarface, he would have space to show off his acting skills, I think it will be a challenge for Aaron."

Aaron confirmed yesterday that he had received the script for the film, he said: "I've received the script, I've not read it yet, but I heard from Stephen that I'll be a gangster, seems not bad, but we had not sign the contract, because I need to check my schedule, it's been some time that I acted together with Andy, I'm anticipating it. I've collaborated with him some ten years ago, both of us had matured, I'm not sure what chemistry we would create when we collaborate again."

When asked about collaborating with Aaron, Andy expressed through a telephone interview: "Really? I'm not so sure, I'm busy promoting my album and preparing for my upcoming concerts, I've yet have time to sit down and discuss with Stephen, actually I've no comments on whom the director approached to act opposite me, because the director know what is best for the film, he approached Aaron is a good thing, I've not collaborated with him for many years."

news from: Apple Daily News