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| Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Earlier it was reported that hacker hacked into Andy Lau's mask change shifu Peng Denghuai's e-mail account and published some of their e-mail exchange into online forums. Days earlier, a fan jumped into the sea while shouting: "Andy Lau will come to save me!" Facing all these allegations, Andy didn't step out and reply on these allegations. When interviewed by reporters on the telephone, Andy expressed that he does not wish to become an "unsteady element" and added that he had reached the most important part of his rehearse for his 13 September concert, he does not wish to allow such matters affect him. Meanwhile, the organizer revealed that tickets were sold out at Ma An Shan, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou, the remaining 800 tickets in Nanjing is not enough for the city, its expected that tickets for Nanjing concert will also be sold out by next week.

Artistes whom have their privacy invaded does not limit to Andy only, last year Gillian Chung of Twins was being photographed when she was changing at the backstage during her concert, many artistes came out to support her, Andy and other artistes participated in a "anti-paparazzi" activities as he said the paparazzi's action is immoral. When he attended the hepatitis prevention press conference, Andy expressed his anger against the paparazzi as they should not invade artist's privacy, "Artistes appeared in the media rather often, no matter when they would have to maintain a good image, they tried their best to smile in front of the camera, but that does not represent that artist has no privacy. Take me for example, I seldom discuss about my love life and family matters, that's my bottom line."

When comparing to his actions toward Gillian's incident and his low profile handling of the recent allegations, Andy did not step up to express his views. So it means that these incidents had not exceed his bottom line? When asked by reporters, Andy finally gave in and revealed the reason, most importantly he does not want to stir up the matters, he said: "I would always replied to any matters in the past which resulted the matter being blown up and others may be brought into the picture, this is not what I wanted to see."

Meanwhile, in order to gave Nanjing's audience a good performance, Andy also does not wish these non-important matters affect his condition. He said: "Currently is the most important part of my rehearsal, I'm in tip top condition and very confident. I anticipating the reviews from the audience."

news from: Sina.com