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| Friday, August 10, 2007

Andy Lau was interviewed by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official website, he talked about his feelings towards the Olympic Games, he expressed that he had intention of shooting a movie about the Olympic Games to encourage the sportsmen. Andy also hope to become one of the torch bearer as he remembers that in 1985 he was responsible to pass the torch in a programme when the 1985 Olympic Games was held, as he was rather plumb thenm he became tired after running for 3 minutes. He said: "Of course I would like to, really hope to carry the torch, I feel that the torch is very pretty, I'm not sure if they could give me one as present after the games! I still carry that hope and waiting, hope the committee prepared for it, they will sure ask one person to represent Hong Kong, it doesn't matter if it's not me, if I can see one Hongkonger or one artiste representative, I will support the person!"

The Olympic Games had picked ox as its mascot, he was always being referred to be an ox and he was asked to become the Love Ambassador, he expressed that he had a bad temper, a temper of an ox.

Andy expressed that he would surely make himself available and present for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games as the committee had already invitated him, he had already inform his friend that he would be staying in his friend's house.

When asked what he expected of the opening ceremony. Andy said: "Zhang Yimou is a very creative director, he had huge feelings for the market. I'm also rather anticipating it, I'm not sure what is in stall for all of us to watch, but I feel that it would be something very special."

When asked where he got the idea to write Everyone is No.1? Andy said: "Around 1992, I find out that Paralympic Games is also part of the Olympic Games, it begin to catch my attention. It's already tough for sportsmen, disabled sportsmen is tougher, then I get in contact with them, and held several activities. Then I feel that not every sportsmen will win the gold medal, thus I would give everyone a gold medal after the games." As Andy played a disabled sportsman in the song's music video, he was asked if he feel uncomfortable during shooting as he need to wear artificial limb? Andy said: "I didn't feel anything during shooting, but when I return to the hotel, I will feel pain all over. I feel that what they experience cannot be compared to what I suffered as they suffered so much more. After shooting this music video, my respect for them increased."

As Andy like to participate in charity work, will he become a volunteer for the Olympic Games? Andy said: "I would, but I'm not sure what I can do. There's many kind of volunteers, if taking down the results, it require time to train; another kind is driving, that during the Olympic Games, driving elderly, disabled to the venue to watch the competition, but I'm not familiar to the roads in Beijing, that would be rather troublesome. Another is to welcome special guests, does introduction at the airport, make sure their trip goes smoothly, whichever competition that they want to watch will direct them there, bring them to their seats at the venue, I'm sure I can do all this, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it will it affect them."

When asked what competition in the games that he's good at, Andy exclaims: "Bowling, badminton would do fine also, of course there are very good sportsmen in the Chinese team and many other countries."

When asked if he admire any sportsmen? Andy said: "I'll like those whom would make me feel proud, take Guo Jingjing, Liu Yi, Yao Ming, those in diving and gymnastics, I like all of them. I hope everyone would support the Beijing Olympic Games, because it represent our sports meet, also hope that everybody allow people around the world to see our dream."

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Sina.com