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| Monday, August 06, 2007

Andy Lau whom had won 6 awards in Metro's Guoyuli Awards to become the night's biggest winner two nights ago had the luck of getting close with Charlene Choi and Ella of S.H.E!

When Andy was singing 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' which won Guoyuli Year's Best Song award at the ceremony's finale, he walked around among the singers. When he saw Charlene, he used his hand to touch her head and stick his head onto Charlene's head which captivate Charlene. Andy then went ahead to touch the hair of Elva Hsiao.

Then Andy switched to Ella whom was wearing a low cut tube whom instead dance sexily beside Andy, she also didn't mind by pushing her breast against Andy's chest which stunned the other singers. However Andy only thinks Ella as a female with strong male charisma which should be a huge blow to her.

When asked about Charlene and Ella captivated by him, Andy quipped: "They really made me feel that I have huge charisma, even the boyish Ella also become feminine." When told that Ella had recently broke up with Josh Chen Xi, Andy appeared surprised and rebuked: "She has a boyfriend?"

With regard to Baau Hon Lam passed away, Andy feel that it's a pity and sing praise of him nurturing new singers.

When Ella was told that she looked feminine on how she dressed for the night, she quipped: "I'm a woman! I just broke up with my boyfriend, I hope to be more feminine thus people would start wooing me!"

When Charlene was asked about the incident when Andy stick his head onto hers, she quipped: "I was really captivated by him, I told my manager immediately when I went off the stage, unexpectedly Andy was behind me, I'm not sure if he heard what I said!"

news from: Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po