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| Monday, August 06, 2007

Andy Lau attended LG Shine x Andy Lau Special Edition mobile phone launch party and his latest single 《歸宿》'Gui Su' music video's premiere as it was the theme song of the phone's commerical.

He helped LG to write calligraphy 'Kind will bring you to Heaven' on the back of the mobile phone.

In the music video, Andy helped the sexy-dressed pretty female lead MiMi washed her hair, cut her nails to express their initmate and romantic relationship.

The objective of the music video is to bring out the friendliness feeling, he quipped: "Actually I could also help woman to do laundry because wanted to find something to do."

When asked if he would be so service orientated to his girlfriend in real life, Andy said: "I didn't help cut the nails, but I did help my girlfriend to wash her hair, I worked in a hair salon in the past, I also help many other people shampoo their hair."

In the music video, the female lead wore low cut neckline cleavage showing top, when asked if he had a good eye view and lost concentration? Andy said: "There were complaints in the past that my music video does not focus on the female lead, this time round the director picked a babe, it's so interesting."

Andy quipped that during shooting he didn't lose his concentration as the director was very strict.

The organiser arranged 3 cute little girls wearing wedding gowns of different nationalities to express their love to Andy, when they said "I Love You" to Andy.

It made Andy burst into laughters, he quipped that the little girls does not know who he was!

The little girls also carried "Love one person"; "Love at first sight" and "Billionarie" as the criteria for a good life partner as Andy was being awarded the World's Most Beloved Bachelor and was being praised to be a good life partner.

Although Andy was surprised of the reward as he said modestly if he would be a good life partner: "Currently I have a nice apartment, it should considered as a good home! But I'm yet a billionaire. So how much is my fortune? A wealthy person would not calculate how much money he has!"

news from: Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po