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| Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In order to welcome 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Andy Lau and several personels from the sports arena which includes Hong Kong Olympic Games Association chairman Timothy Fok Tsun-Ting, "table tennis twin treasure" Li Ching and Ko Lai Chak and other sportsmen to attend a Beijing 2008 Olympic Games One Year countdown activity at Times Square two nights ago.

The organiser specially tailor made a jogging track shoe with Andy Lau sewed on it, and a wind breaker with the word "Hua" on it.

Andy also wrote "Nothing is Impossible Everyone is No. 1" to show his support to the Hong Kong sportsmen as he encourage them to bring glory to Hong Kong. Andy then narrates his experience: "I'm jobless before entering showbiz, I went to sing in restaurant, then I thought I sing very well, however the media comment badly on my singing when I released my first album, but I didn't give up, thus I'm what I'm of today! I'm still moving forward in showbiz, I'm considered one with weight and experience!"

The organiser also arranged Andy to have a game of table tennis with Li Ching and Ko Lai Chak, Andy was arranged to be in the same team with Li Ching whom gave Andy the chance to serve but he served ball out of court twice before getting his rhythm of the game. However, Andy's team lose by 5:6 score.

When interviewed, Andy said: "I've not played table tennis for a long time, the bat rubber surface is so sticky, I need to use alot of strength."

When asked how he felt playing table tennis with the table tennis twin treasure, Andy quipped that he played table tennis when he was still a kid, but the bat nowadays is different from those days, strength is needed, he added that he had arranged to play table tennis with them in the near future.

When asked if he's pressurise to play table tennis with the table tennis twin treasure whom had won silver medals at the Olympic Games, Andy quipped that they are his friends thus he's not pressurise. Andy said: "We actually met when they return to Hong Kong after their medals win in the Olympic Games, they even autograph on a mini table tennis bat and gave it to me as present."

With regards to whether Andy would go to Beijing next year to watch the Olympic Games, Andy expressed that he could not confirm anything but he would like to go and watch, he wish to watch diving, track and field and volleyball. He said: "Next year, I would like to finish all my work committments, thus I can watch the Olympic Games!"

Andy revealed that he had written songs to be in the running to become the game's theme song, as they are some 30-40 other submissions, only 4-5 songs will be selected from Hong Kong's submission, he said that he's unsure whether he would be asked to sing the theme song as everything would be decided by the organiser.

Andy had set off to Beijing yesterday to attend the countdown activity in Beijing today, on 6 September he will attend the countdown activity for the Paralympic Games.

In addition, Andy, Yao Ming, Liu Yi, Jet Li, Jacky Cheung, Jackie Chan and Dayo Wong Tze Wah were being picked by netizens as the Seven Most Patriotic Chinese artistes.

news from: SingPao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News