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| Tuesday, August 07, 2007

To show his support to the sportsmen and sportswomen taking part in the upcoming Paralympic Games, Love Ambassador Andy Lau write a song titled Everyone is No. 1 and shot the music video for the song in Beijing recently. Andy's given his all for the shooting does not lose out to the Paralympic Games sportsmen and women.

In the music video, Andy played the character of a delivery man whom had high interest in sports, he lose his leg during a car accident.

He watched news of the Paralympic Games on TV and he pick himself up to bring new light into his life.

In order to make his character of the delivery man realistic, with his hardworking attitude, he decided to take the role himself as he wore artificial limb to become a disabled person. This is a tough shooting for Andy as he need to tie up his left leg for close to 7 hours, wearing the artificial limb and even running with it.

Due to the long hours of poor blood circulation, it's common for Andy's left leg to become numb, it was so serious once that his leg cramped, as the crew members does not know of it and they thought that Andy's sorrow expression is very realistic. Andy called for stop as he could not tolerate the pain thus allowing everyone to know that his leg is really cramped.

In addition, the artificial limb caused Andy's knee cap to become red and swollen until he could not stand straight.

There is a scene in the music video which required Andy to wear the artificial limb to climb the Great Wall of China, it's really tough as Andy normally could climb up the Great Wall within 10 minutes but this time he took 30 minutes. Andy won the applause of the crew members after he completed the scene.

However, Andy thinks that the applause should be given to the disabled sportsmen, he said: "It's not so simple for them to climb a flight of stairs, they also need to swim with one leg, sprinting and jump over the hurdle..., they really deserved our applause."

The shooting of the music video allows Andy to experience the effort that the disabled need to stand up and bring a new life. He said: "Their undying spirit is worth respecting than any other spirit, the pain in the body is secondary, to win the battle against the pain in your heart is really brave, it's uncomparable."

Because of this, Andy urge the public to show more concern to the disabled, he also suggested that the facilities in buildings should give some consideration to them, some things like climbing a flight of stairs is simple for a normal person, but to them it's a huge barrier to conquer.

Andy whom always gave his best for his work can be considered to do his best for the Paralympic Games, his hardworking spirit is comparable to the bravey of the disabled, it's believed that either you're a nornal person or a disabled, you would be influence by Andy's Everyone is No. 1.

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