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| Thursday, August 09, 2007

Andy Lau was in Beijing to hand in his Olympic Games song - Everyone is No. 1 to the Beijing Olympic Games committee and he was given a Olympic Game 1 Year anniversary countdown plaque by Beijing Olympic Games Committee Culture department minister Zhao Dongming.

Andy will also perform the Olympic Games 1 Year anniversary countdown gala show at Tiananmen, he would be singing Everyone is No.1 for the first time.

Early yesterday morning, Andy hand over his Everyone is No.1 to the Olympic Games committee, this Olympic Games of Andy was inspired from the story of a disabled sportsman, he hope the song can encourage every Olympic sportsmen and also remind them that disabled sportsmen are also Olympic Games sportsmen, the Paralympic Games is also part of the Olympic Games, everyone who have their attention on the Olympic Games should also show concern and support to these sportsmen who gets little attention. The music video of the song will be broadcast in Beijing Sports Channel, news channel and Beijing Metro; and all different media broadcast to allowed more people being encouraged.

Andy then went to Tiananmen for the rehearsal of the gala show, Andy would be the only singer for the gala show as he will sing Everyone is No.1 in a public performance for the first time.

For the gala show, Beijing policemen had already close the road, Andy exclaimed that this is his first time singing at a stage at Tiananmen, he quipped that he always wanted to take a photo at Tiananmen, but he never get approval as he's afraid of causing a commotion, as he would be singing at Tiananmen, he seize the chance to ask his assistant to help him take photographs as monument .

news from: Sina.com