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| Saturday, July 28, 2007

When talked about Andox, Andy Lau would become excited as went to search for the figure from his haversack, he said: "I bring Andox around the world, introduce to everyone I know, so later you need to take a photograph with Andox."

Andy's eyes brighten up when he talked about Andox: "Initially it's for my new album Miracle World, just wanted to have an ox figure, no matter how my colleagues designed, it just looked like King of Hell, thus I asked them to change many times, I decided to try it myself." This is the first reason on the birth of Andox, another reason: "This is my present for my mother on Mother's Day."

Andy said that he spend 20 hours on sewing the figure for his mother on 10 May, on 11 May Mother's Day, he telephone his younger brother to on the computer and his mother immediatley read about the birth of Andox on his blog. "I tell my mother that I want to have children and have a feel of being a mother." A proud Andy said: "Thus now I'm Mommy Lau, because I'm Andox's mother."

When asked how would a man know about sewing? A delighted Andy said: "Because my elder sister tailor clothes, thus I learn sewing since young." Naming the figure Andox is the combination of his name Andy and Ox, a "jealous" Andy said: "It's more popular than me now, he's so popular in the Internet, all messages are for Andox, asked him to take good care of it's mummy, that me." Even his stylist is a fan of Andox as he design drawings and wordings of Andox for the clothes for Andy without Andy's knowledge. Andy is in no hurry to turn Andox into a wide range of products, he said: "Wait till when everyone really like it or when he grow older." Because Andy does not wish his "son" to become a product, become a toy which will lose its existence and meaning. Andy said: "If there is a big brand wanted to design for Andox, that would be another issue."

However it the 300 box sets, with 5 figures in each box set, thus Andox have 1,500 "brothers". Andy also encourage his fans: "Everyone could also have their own children to accompany Andox." As Andox's mother, he help introduce friends to Andox as he was busy to introduce his "son" to his friends.

Taiwan is a food paradise, however he could not enjoy the food as wherever he goes would create a commotion, thus he sighed: "I could only go to Tai He Palace restaruant to eat at the private room." Tai He Palace's spicy steamboat is rather popular among many Hong Kong artistes, Andy is no exception.

In addition, Andy also like to eat porridge with dishes, as he could not go out, he could only ask his crew member to buy back for him, Andy does not have the enjoyment of using a plate to chose the dishes he like from the wide variety of dishes.

Andy also like to drink soya bean and rice-cakes, especially those rice-cakes with you tiao, some of the you tiao was crashed within the rice-cakes, it smell nice and crispy, however these sort of specially produced rice cakes cannot be bought easily, as these rice cakes are prepared by the family of his Taiwanese driver.

With regards to the roasted duck tongue, Andy has some reservation, he said: "When one get older, it's not so good to eat too much viscera." Taiwan's fruits, fried chicken chop and ice desserts are food that Andy's crew members prepared for him whenever he come to Taiwan.

news from: udnnews