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| Sunday, September 02, 2007

Andy Lau's Wonderful World world concert tour kicks off in Inner Mongolia on 1 September.

In the concert, Andy transformed into the flying man as other than kept flying in mid-air on wires, he also had his first taste of standing on a 10-meters tall mid-air platform, flying out to get in close contact with fans, the cheers of the fans could be heard throughout Mongolia. For such dangerous stunts, it's heard that Andy's company and the concert organizers had purchased insurances worth billions.

This is the first time that Andy perform in Mongolia, the 50,000 tickets had sold out long ago, the most expensive ticket at 1,600 yuan was sold at the black market for more than 6,000 yuan. Andy was also delighted of the fans' response as being his first concert, on an unfamiliar venue and place, jumping and singing on a stage full of traps, Andy is under high pressure but he still manage to perform successfully, he also cried when he appeared on the stage again during encore, he cried so badly that he's unable to continue singing.

Andy expressed after the concert: "I'm really moved by them till I could not control myself from crying, in an unfamiliar place unlike my familiar Hong Kong, there are many dances in this concert, tight schedule for rehearsals, there are many difficulties met during preparations, I'm at my limits no matter it's my mental or physical strength, for this first performance, it even rained when I was rehearsing in the afternoon, very worried that the concert at night would be affected, lucky the weather improves and allow me to complete it successfully, on seeing all these unfamiliar faces looking at me from the first song and cheered for me till the last song, I could not forget the response that I'm getting from the audience of Inner Mongolia, seeing how good they treated me, I'm so touched that my tears just rolled automatically..."

For this world concert tour, Andy's stage is 93 meters wide, as wide as a football filed, Andy need to run at least 200 meters if he runs from the left to the right of the stage while singing, if he would to continue running throughout the concert, Andy quipped: "If I keep on running like this, after my concert tour end in December, I could try representing Hong Kong in the Olympics Games."

For this wonderful world concert, Andy's stage is very magical, in addition to the LED giant screen being used in Mainland China for the first time, the forever ever-changing colorful screen, every audience applause and cheered upon seeing it.

The concert used outer space returning to earth as the opening, Andy was the astronaut in the LED screen, he appeared hanging on wires in mid-air and sing 'Zhong Guo Ren' as his first song. Most of the songs were re-composed with a faster tempo allows the audience to go crazy from the start of the concert.

After "astronaut" Andy return to earth, he forget about gravity as he turns around and "fly" towards the space-shop at 15 stories high to sing and transform himself to cowherd as he dances with girl-weaver, he was also hanged in the 8-9 meters air away
from the platform.

However, the most exciting part is one that nobody would have expected, Andy was standing on a min-stage of around 7 stories high, as huge as a brick, then he "flew" out to greet the audience as the excited fans lend forward and cheers loudly, Andy was also left speechless.

Standing on the mini-stage, Andy was only protected by a safety belt, due to the good response of the fans, he forget about his phobia of height as he kept waving to the fans. As the mini-stage could not stand any huge movements, the audiences were all worried for him.

Still in mid-air, Andy duet 'Wu Jian Dao' with Andox, after singing 2 songs, Andy then returns to the stage. With only a safety belt and sing at such a height, it's a first for Andy, he quoted that the feeling is beyond description. When asked if he's interested to be an astronaut, he said: "If I get to choose, I would not go up to space, I hope I could forever greet everybody on earth, it's too lonely to be an astronaut, I rather be a singer who can enjoy the greetings from the audience and bring joy to everyone. To be able to stand here and listen to everybody, I'll never forget this."

When asked if he's worried of so many dangerous stunts in this concert? Andy said: "I'm not worried, because all these stunts were designed by professional stage stuntmen, it should be safe, the only being the cowherd being hanged in the air, the rope on my hand almost got stuck resulting me unable to turn, but surely there would be some minor mistake on the first show, it should not be any problems in the following show."

It was heard that expensive insurance were bought for this concert, when asked if he bought for himself, he quipped: "I'm not so sure, I also didn't asked, nobody would like to make use of the insurance they bought? Haha, of course I would not need it, thus I never asked."

In addition, Andy whom always wanted to be a magician invited magicians from maric company to teach him and his dancers to perform a 3 seconds transformation trick, under 3 hand signals from Andy, the female dancer will follow Andy's singing and transform, it won the applause from the fans.

After the Inner Mongolia stop, Andy immediately will set off to Nan Ning to prepare for his next performance.

news from: Sina.com