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| Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another female crazy Andy Lau fan had appeared as she claimed that she's Andy's fiance. This woman had a quarrel with the nanny car's driver outside Andy's Kadoorie apartment whom called the police for help as she claimed that the quarrel disrupted her emotion. She also claimed that she is Andy's finance before asking medical staff to send her to the hospital for treatment.

As Andy had already set off to Tianjin for his concert, thus he was not aware of fan causing problem outside his apartment. Andy hope that fans would understand that his apartment is a private property, as he also had neighbors thus he don't like fans to wander around his apartment in order not to create any disturbance to his neighbors. With regards to this "finance" fan, Andy said: "I really don't know what happened and who this fan is? I'm not married, where does the wife come from?"

This self-proclaimed 53-years-old fiance of Andy named Baau Yuen Yee appeared at the carpark near Andy's Kadoorie apartment, she got into a quarrel with a nanny car driver as she claimed that he gave her an undesirable look and spoke to her in an indecent way. Baau pointed out that her emotion is affected thus she reported to the matter to the police and also called the ambulance, she also claimed to be Andy's fiance. When the ambulance arrived, Baau was sent to Kwong Wah Hospital for treatment.

At the hospital, Baau revealed to reporters that she met Andy in Queensway's UA cinema after watching Handsome Siblings 絕代雙驕 in 1991, they looked at one another. Several years later, she had a second meeting with Andy when she was on her way to Causeway Bay as he was there shooting his music video, she still remember that Andy was wearing a Western suit, Andy did take a look at her although she just walked past, they still did not have a chance to talk to each other. During winter in 1992, they met each other for the third time as Andy was location shooting next Tsim Sha Tsui's Hong Kong Cultural Centre, they looked at each other for a few moments. Baau get to meet Andy for the fourth time in a music concert near the end of 1993.

Baau whom claimed that she had a furniture shop in Western District, she migrate to Vancouver with her first husband and children in 1994, she heard Andy's 'Tian Tian Xiang Ni' and feel that Andy was using the song to express his love to her as the person mentioned in the lyrics is her! Baau became agitated when she talked till this stage, she revealed that she came back to Hong Kong to express her love to Andy but he had went off to Tianjin for location shooting, thus she jet off to Tianjing and spoke to Andy for the first time in her life, Andy told her: "How are you? Go home quick!"

A delighted Baau went back to her hotel to rest, when she woke up she found out that Andy had returned to Hong Kong. Since the Tianjing trip, she kept sending letters to Andy's apartment but Andy had never officially replied her mails, Baau expressed that actually Andy used his songs to reveal his feelings for her, thus there is indeed replies from Andy.

Other than this crazy fan, many ridiculous things happened to Andy. There are news in Mainland China that director Zhang Zhi Jue revealed to the media that he had invited Andy to be cast as a monk in his film which will be Andy's last film, his secret girlfriend would also cameo in the film. As the news was being spread through the Internet, Andy's management company had no choice but to clarify the matter by stating that the new report is not true and sighed of such allegation, they hope that such allegation should be stop. Andy does not know Zhang Zhi Jue and no acceptance to be cast in the particular film Zhang had mentioned.

news from: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News