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| Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brothers held its gala premiere at Causeway Bay's JP Cinema two nights ago. It attracted hundreds of fans and onlookers, some waved their flags and cheered, it was a crowded event.

Director Derek Chiu, producer Kent Cheng, 4 Tigers - Andy Lau; Felix Wong; Michael Miu; Ken Tong, Eason Chan, Lam Ka Tung, Wang Zhiwen, Crystal Huang all wore dark colors to attend the event. Chin Ka Lok, Johnnie To, Vinginia Lok, Charles Heung and son, Jaycee Chan were present to lend their support.

During the "Brothers wall breaking" ceremony, the wall cannot be broken, instead the Andy got hit.

For the champagne toasting ceremony, Andy used Oolong Tea as replacement.

Andy and Felix also used their own camera to take photographs together. When the compere was asking Michael questions, Andy's fans kept shouting as Michael quipped: "Please cheer Andy so loud until what the director is saying could not heard." Andy then added: "Can all of you please keep quiet for a moment, if he get angry, his wife will suffer when he goes home."

A delighted Andy express that the film had already earned money before it opened at the cinemas thus he would treat all actors to Thailand for a holiday. When asked how much box office taking in Hong Kong, Andy said he would like to collect between HK $8000,000 - 10000,000.

When asked if he would used the same group of actors for a sequel, Andy did not gave an answer whereas Lam Ka Tung and Eason express that they would shooting Sisters.

Eason said: "I don't mind cross dress as a female, but which female would have legs as thick as mine. I'm delighted to eb able to collaborate with the 4 Tigers, especially Andy because I start listening to his songs when I'm 10 years old, his songs encourage me to continue study hard, it accompanied me through those days."

Andy added that if all their schedules are able to meet, they would always collaborate again, however the film has no part that could lead to a sequel this if collaborate again, it would be of a different theme.

Currently, a boy whom drink the Oolong Tea that Andy endorses was sent to hospital for treatment and it was diagnosed that it contain antiseptic solution, Andy said: "Although I was doing my concert in Mainland China, but I knew of this incident and follow the developments. After this incident, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department had spot checked and take a sample of the concern beverages, the company also invited the FEHD to witness the production process and no problems were found, believed this is just an exceptional case, the government will have a report on this after reading all the check reports, thus all can relax and continue to consume the beverage."

When asked if he's afraid of taking the oolong tea, Andy quipped: "I drank a lot just now, it's safe."

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