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| Monday, October 15, 2007

It had 3 years as Andy Lau once again came back to Hanzhou, with a single sentence of "I'm back!", Andy appeared onto the stage.

The concert was held at a stadium with a total capacity of 50,000 and it attracted more than 25,000 audience. Around 19:05, Andy whom was dressed as an astronaut appeared on the stage and shouted: "I'm back!" This is the third time that Andy staged a concert at Hanzhou, with the tune of 'Zhong Guo Ren', the concert was officially open.

Andy then remove his astronaut costume to reveal a white western suit which he unbutoon to reveal his well-toned figure to the audience. Andy kept running up and down the 110 meters stage and jumping up and down the platform. Whichever direction Andy pointed to, that direction will replied with cheers, likewise whichever direction he runs to. He sang a total of 4 songs at one go, maybe he used too much strength during his dancing, his pants become loose as he hide behind the LED board to do some adjustment to his pants.

During last year's Cai Qin concert, most of the audience came to watch with free tickets, as Andy quipped: "All of you came with free tickets?", the audience replied: "We bought the tickets." Andy then replied: "As you paid the tickets with your own money, get more involved into the concert!" After much commotion, the tune of 'Xie Xie Ni De Ai' came on as everybody sing along with him.

After 4 songs, the lights are dim. Suddenly a red sofa emerge onto the stage as many models dressed in Armani appeared on stage. Andy is one of them as the Armani suit made him more manly. Andy had some intimate moves with the female model which attracted screams from the audience. After one song, Andy then dance Tango with the female model.

Accidentally, Andy become the third party in couples of Hanzhou as he asked: "The females among the audience, do you have boyfriend?" All females whether young or old shouted an reply of "no". Andy then asked: "What are all of you waiting for?" They all replied that they are waiting for Andy. In order to cool down all the unhappiness of the male audience, Andy sang 'Bing Yu'.

With a huge lollipop, Andy appeared as mischievous kid to dance to the tune of 'Ben Xiao Hai'. The LED screen then changed color according to the music.

With Andy's well-toned figure, he would not gave singlet a miss especially when he moved his back, show off his abs, which excite all. Andy was singing 'Cao Ren' as he jump onto the spaceship by the side of the stage, the LED screen then show the spaceship flew into outer space.

As per announced in the press conference, Andy performed magic on stage as help a female dancer to change into 3 different costumes. After the third costume, Andy quipped: "There is a zipper on the body of the dancer, it's 3 costumes in one, cannot remove anymore, because there is no more clothes inside."

From the spaceship, Andy bring all into period fairytale as he display a musical of the gather and parting of cowherd and girl-weaver.

Around 9:30pm, the concert had ended but encore restart the concert with Andy appeared together with Andox to duet a song.

news from: Sina.com,hzdaily.hangzhou.com.cn