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| Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everybody would have witness Andy Lau's well-toned body during his concerts, you will still get to see it even it's minus 5 degrees Celsius Harbin. However, had you seen Andy out in the sea?

In a latest post on his website, he revealed his topless photographs. From the phrase "here comes the handsome man", it can be seen that Andy is in a relaxing mood. He gave himself 3-days leave after the Harbin concert to "re-charge" himself under the sunny beach. Andy expressed that when he touched down at Harbin, those by his side asked him if he had brought thermal clothings, he was also told by them that the temperature will continue to drop, then he regretted that he didn't heal his assistant's advice to bring more clothings.

When he reached the rehearsal venue, it was so much colder with the rain but he could not disappoint his audience of the sight of his abs, thus he went ahead with the phrase "show must go on".

After the performance, Andy gave himself 3 days leave as he went out to the sea to enjoy the sun and beach, he also sat on the float to play with the water, he's just like a grown up kid!

Meanwhile Eason Chan whom was going to stage his sold-out concerts this month had announced of 2 additional shows yesterday to make it a total of 15 shows which broke his own record. When asked if he would add new shows, Eason said: "Nope! (Won't add it to 20 shows?) So you think I'm Andy Lau, he normally has 20 shows to his name. Give the younger singers some space for improvements, I'm already very satisfied."

news from: Ming Pao
photos from: andylau.com