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| Thursday, October 18, 2007

Andy Lau invited Singapore's heavenly queen Stefanie Sun to be a "couple" but got rejected for the past two years, despite that Andy is confidence of himself as he would not give up!

The reporter was invited by Eng Wah Organization and MediaCorp Raintree Pictures to go to Hong Kong to interview Andy about the film Brothers. When talked about collaborating with Sun in films, Andy exclaimed that Sun had not gave him an answer for the past 2 years.

Andy smile and said that Sun is suitable to be cast in a love movie, "What else can I do with her, of course get into a love relationship! Can she fight? Hmmm, but she has high requirements, we had been discussing several themes for films for the past 2 years, she's not happy with them." Andy said that he always thought the novel 'Tong Men' story is suitable for Sun, but she had not gave any response. At dead end, does Andy feel hurt? Andy said confidently: "Nope, I've confidence in my own production!"

On the day of interview, Andy just completed his concert in Harbin and immediately get into the promotion of Brothers, he do looked tired. The media took turns to interview him, he appeared fresh initially but after an hour, he begin to show his tiredness, but he's still professional as he talked about brotherhood, 5 Tigers, films, Tony Leung, he's answering all questions.

Andy has his own "brotherhood" definition, that is good brothers is for life, even one turn bad, one would still feel that brothers is the best. Brothers allowed 4 of TVB 5 Tigers to gather, leaving out Tony, there's allegation that Andy and Tony are not on good terms.

Wherever Andy goes, this question cannot be avoided, even being asked 101 times, Andy still denied that he's not on good terms with Tony but exclaimed that they seldom get in contact with each other. When asked who is among his brothers, is Tony included?

Andy replied seriously: "I don't want to quote examples, if I say out the names, the others will get hurt."

After the film Tigers, it had been 16 years before the chance to collaborate with the 3 Tigers, how's the chemistry?

Andy said: "Very good! Except Michael Miu, I did not contact the rest of the 4 Tigers but after Anita Mui passed away, four of us gathered again, I then feel that I seldom get in contact with my friends, then I started to asked them out for bowling, BBQ and have fun."

With Tony missing out, Andy did not gave any additional reasons but director exclaimed that he never thought of casting Tony into the film, when asked if he's disappointed, Andy said: "I don't know, I really wanted a chance to collaborate with him, but from the start it was decided that there would be only 4 of us in this film, of course I hope that 5 tigers could be in this film."

Andy admitted that he seldom contact Tony but he didn't forget to come out with an excuse: "I just think there's no reason that I would contact him. Everybody made it up, both of us knew about it, if I was to call him, it's insulting him."

Andy did revealed last year that he would stage a concert in Singapore this year, Singapore fans are waiting in excitement, but he's unable to fulfill that promise. "I don't know why it's not possible, maybe my company didn't send any staffs to Singapore. I did tell my company that I would like to perform in Singapore, but they told me it's very hard to arrange a slot before my year-end shows in Hong Kong. I'm also not sure if I would be coming to Singapore after that, but I'm anticipating it."

Winning awards in major music award ceremonies, in the recent concluded 7th World's Chinese Hits Awards, he didn't get any award, it's surprising. When asked about this, Andy replied with his eyes wide open: "I'm not disappointed! Who won the award this year? Because of my Mainland China concert tour's schedule, I don't even have the chance to attend."

news from: ChinaPress.com