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| Monday, October 15, 2007

At the press conference of Brothers in Guangzhou, Andy Lau told the media that he had watched Lust,Caution as he sing praise of Tony Leung's sex scene in the movie.

An excited Andy then reveal his habit of watching movies. He said that he does not like to watch DVDs as he would rather watch movies in cinemas thus it's troublesome whenever he wanted to watch movie as he would bring some friends along to a cinema which he had booked to share the enjoyment of watching movie. Due to this reason, he had missed several good movies. For this time, he booked the whole cinema in order to watch Lust,Caution.

Andy said that he never thought whether a person is his "brother", if he need to think carefully, the person would not be his brother, most importantly is to give a direct answer. When reporters asked if Tony is his "brother"? Andy nob his head and said: "Yes."

Andy whom had invested heavily in Brothers, when asked how much fee would he pay his brothers - Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Kent Tong? All three kept their fees a secret whereas boss Andy revealed: "My fees is the same as everybody, $10,000 per day. I shot the movie for 7 days, Michael shot the most days at 30 days."

When interviewed, Felix expressed that it was a great feeling that the 4 Tigers get to collaborate again, he revealed that Andy had promise if the box office takings exceeded $10000,000, he would reward everybody to go for a tour. When reporters rectify with Andy, he said: "It's simple to go for a tour, go to Changzhou or Macao could do."

As Lust,Caution had already break the $2 million barrier in its box office collection in Hong Kong, when asked if he would be pressurize by it as Brothers will be screened at the same time, Andy expressed: "This is because they have Lee Ang, whereas we only have Chiu Sung Kee. Lust,Caution is a production of US$1.5 million whereas we're a production of HK$1.5 million. Therefore if Brothers could obtain one quarter of the box office taking of Lust,Caution, it would be considered as a draw."

Andy revealed that even Brothers do well in the box office, there would not be any sequel, he said: "I've to state again, this is just a pure commercialized movie, I never thought of doing anything like Infernal Affairs, this film will not be going to any film festival, even it managed to collect $8000,000, I would also be satisfied."

Andy has a good reputation in showbiz as he had been a mega-star for many years. These 2 years, he had started the Focus First Cuts project, he's also the ambassador of the Hepatitis Prevention. With regards to his actions, he explain simply: "Hope that a public image in Andy Lau would do more meaningful things to the society." Andy said that for his age, money and fame is not important, "People may think that I work so hard is for show, I did all these to increase my rate of appearance, but do you think that I still need these? Maybe years ago, I would mind those negative comments, or does not wish to express my views on things, but fame to me is not priority. I'm an actor and not a public figure, do more meaningful things, will affect my fans and the audience, this is the most treasured fortune, it also gave me the largest satisfaction."

When talked about the current Chinese directors, Andy express that he admired Lee Ang, he said: "This is not because he's winning awards, in fact all his films are great films, very deep in content. He could mix Western and Chinese culture together without any glitch, he's a grand master." If Lee Ang was to approach him for his next film, would he accept? Andy said: "I feel that I still need to read the script first and see if it suit me, if it's something like Mr. Yee in Lust,Caution, I would not take up his offer."

Other than competing in box office collection, Andy and Tony will compete each other in this year's Golden Horse Film Awards for the Best Actor award as they are nominated with A Battle of Wits and Lust,Caution. When talked about the Best Actor nomination, Andy express: "I hope that he could win. (Why you think you would not stand a chance?) My character's philosophy in A Battle of Wits is love and not attack, peace and not compete with others."

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