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| Monday, November 12, 2007

Andy Lau's Wonderful World 2007 concert had just earlier announced that it would add its 16th show on 5 January and public ticket sales started on 9 November. In order to get the tickets, Andy's fans went to queue at the ticket booth early in the morning, some even used stools to book their positions!

After the ticket booth had opened for one minute, all the most expensive tickets at $480 and $300 had sold out whereas the rest $200 and $100 tickets were snapped up within 30 minutes.

With regards to this, Andy's spokesman replied: "Andy was stunned and delighted when told of the news, although he would like to add in more shows, but it really cannot be done!"

Meanwhile, Apple Daily received complaints that people were selling Andy's concert tickets at Yahoo! Auction, when reporters visited the website, this complaint is verified as there are a total of 22 pages auctioning his concert tickets, however not many bid for the tickets.

In addition, Peter Chan whom is an expert in artistic films like Comrades, Almost a Love Story, Perhaps Love but he invested US$40 million to gather Andy, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li in war film - The Warlords. Peter was at a loss when shooting a slaughtering scene but thanks to old pal Tsui Hark whom pay a visit at the shooting site helped out. During Tsui Hark's visit, Peter was shooting a scene where Andy was killing a general, he requested Andy to kill with one swipe of the sword, the general died after vomiting blood with a focus on his bloodied eyes wipe open. However he failed to capture the bloodied atmosphere, Tsui Hark advice the actor to lie down for 30 minutes in order to make the actor's eyes red-blooded and swollen before it's an OK take!

news from: Sun News, Apple Daily News