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| Thursday, November 15, 2007

HE is not just a hero onscreen, but offscreen too it seems. A video clip of Andy Lau protecting a male fan from being manhandled by concert security personnel during his Chengdu concert in China last week, was uploaded on a file-sharing website. And in just two days, the clip taken by a fan attracted 560,000 hits, said Hong Kong reports.

It shows Andy, 46, receiving a bouquet of flowers from a male fan during the concert. Just as the fan shook Andy's hand, he was pulled off the stage by security personnel. A scuffle broke out. Andy stopped singing and pointed at the group but the security continued to drag the fan away. The star then jumped off the 2m-high stage to give chase. He even hit a security staff member.

Andy was pulled away by others as he scolded the man. He then pulled the fan over to him and they walked off together to the 60,000-strong crowd's cheers. Andy's action has won praises from fans.

A netizen, hubitwo2, said: 'Andy is indeed the role model. He has morals and a kind heart... We should call him a hero in future.' Said another, jiabaoqi07: 'Stars should be like that. Those who think for their fans are real stars.'

But others took pity on the security personnel. 'The security guards are quite pitiful. They have to protect you Andy Lau, yet also get beaten up by you,' said one. And others have wondered if it was all a publicity stunt. 'I think this may have been staged. Stars should be quite used to security personnel playing it rough to stop crazy fans. 'Why should Andy get angry and hit the security guards? It's just to create some mood,' a netizen, liong23, alleged.

news from: The New Paper