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| Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Andy Lau will be holding 16 nights of Andy Lau Wonderful World concert 2007, after the earlier fans rushing for the tickets, there was a complaint from a reader that people are seizing the chance of the sold out concerts to make a profit for themselves. It was said that "with the support of boss Peter Lam, 4 more shows are added with the last show on 8 January" thus a netizen nicknamed volagirl is selling the tickets on Yahoo Auction, she expressed that people could buy advance "tickets" from her, each ticket will have an additional $300 administrative fees, this is purely out to make a profit!

Initially her post attract many fans to clarify the matter with her, however fans feel that something is wrong as Hong Kong Coliseum 8 January slot had already been booked by famous pianist Langlang, but the seller exclaimed: "Peter said 4 shows will be added, you trusted Andy more than Peter?" However, the trap was easily broken by fans as they revealed: "Don't get cheated, it's fake! Andy said that no more shows will be added!"

When told of the matter, Andy had announced through his spokesman that there would be only 16 shows: "Everyone in Hong Kong knew that the concert will be held from 21 December to 5 January, I believed that Andy's fans will not be cheated as the way that the seller is selling tickets online is a big joke, hope the auction item will be removed as soon as possible, because the seller is not selling tout tickets but cheating people, it's against the law."

In addition, the clip showing brave Andy rescuing a fan during his Mainland China concert had been posted online, many fans praise Andy and suggested him to become Chief Executive.

Andy's The Warlords will be holding a Christmas light-up ceremony in Harbour City today. Other than Andy, female lead Xu Jinglei will also attended as Cartier sponsored her jewelry. With regards to the expectation of The Warlords, Andy had high hopes of it as he said: "With Protege, Brothers and The Warlords, I should be the favorite of this year's Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards, I tipped The Warlords, it's full of blood and bod!"

When talked about shooting of The Warlords, Andy quipped that he played poker cards with Jet Li and predicted that Jet would win next year's Oscar's Best Actor award and wanted him to treat him to a meal. After knowing that Andy knew a few tricks of magic, Jet quipped: "You're great, can quit as an actor and we open a teahouse and you'll perform and Takeshi Kaneshiro could draw in customers! Business will be good!"

Streaming videos were uploaded to The Warlords official website, the hits exceeded millions on its first day.

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