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| Sunday, November 25, 2007

In the beginning of this year, an incident happened whereby Yang Liquan kept going after Andy Lau until her father end his own life, Andy had always not wanted to talk about this in order not to incur any other incidents. However, when he was interviewed by Yang Lan earlier, this matter was brought up again. Andy answered: "Of course this matter will bother me, everybody think that you need to pay a heavy price for perfection, but it's not the price being a celebrity, everyone would encounter such difficulties."

Yang Lan then asked why Andy did not give a title to the woman beside him, Andy said: "If one want to be the woman beside me, she must understand that after marrying to me, or borne me children, she must face huge pressure, you'll face the pressure wherever there is Chinese, but I'll try my best, I would even risk my life to protect her and hope that she would not suffer such huge pressure."

news from: Ming Pao