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| Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Christmas light-up ceremony of Harbour City was held yesterday evening, this year's ceremony had invited the lead of The Warlords Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei and its director Peter Chan as the film will open in the cinemas during the Christmas holidays. Andy wore a gray suit which made him looked like a gentleman, Xu Jinglei was wearing a Celine low neckline dress worth $150,500 and wearing Cartier sponsored earrings, rings and bracelets worth more than $200,000. During the light-up ceremony, the baton that Andy was holding failed to light up.

Andy had just completed his Mainland China concert tour, upon facing the current tout tickets, organizer Media Asia had reported to the police to deal with it. During the ceremony, he told people that after watching his concert could go and watch The Warlords, he also asked Jinglei and her friends to go and watch his concerts. When Jinglei was blessed with delight, Andy then told her that he has no tickets, Jinglei then "hit" Andy.

Peter's Christmas wish is to hope for an ideal box office taking, Andy exclaimed that he hope that it could collect $6 million as $5 million would be meaningless as there need to have some space for Stephen Chow to catch up. Jinglei then express that she hope the box office taking in Mainland China would be $3 billion, Andy quipped: "No problem, you're worth 2 billion, me, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro would worth 5 billion."

Andy sing praise that The Warlords is also the most expensive production in history that is similar to The Promise. The Warlords started shooting without a budget, there is a scene where 5000 people were gathered for shooting, it took 2 days to arrange their position, thus during shooting it felt like earthquake and the 3 male leads are excited during acting.

Andy's year-end concert had people rushing for tickets earlier on, recently someone exclaimed that Andy had added 4 nights and selling the tickets, every ticket need an administrative fee of $300. The organizer Media Asia had reported the matter to the police. Andy expressed that such person need to be arrested, maybe the person overheard Peter Lam saying that he's going to add 4 nights thus coming up with the trick. Andy sighed that he hope that nobody would use the Internet to do bad things.

Andy's tickets are hardly come by, such response is he had not experienced for so many years, it gave him a magic feeling, he shall wait after the concert to research why it's so magical. Andy said that his friends scolded him when they failed to buy the most expensive tickets, one should be lucky if one is able to purchase the $200 tickets. Andy exclaimed that whether any more shows will be added, but one seeing that tickets are not enough, he once suggest to Peter Lam that on Christmas and New Year Eve, 2 giant screen can be installed outside Hong Kong Coliseum to broadcast the 30-45 minutes before the countdown but it was rejected as the police would have been deployed in most important areas, there is not enough police in Hong Kong Coliseum, such matters need to request in advance. Reporter suggested that they could employ securities themselves, Andy said: "Cannot, if the government approve and something happen, I could not take the blame!"

Andy also thought of asking the sponsor to take out some of their tickets for the fans but he did read online that some fans whom bought the tickets for 3 shows are willing to give up their ticket for one show, he's very touched. With such support from the fans, he does not feel the pressure as he quipped that all tickets are sold out, he could even not switch on the lights in Coliseum and he need just the music and microphone in order to sing, it's like performing magic. As the tickets had been sold everywhere, thus he's not sure where the tickets came from. When talked about two tickets selling at $3000, an unhappy Andy quipped: "Because of $3000 and start a bidding war, it's a disgrace to me!"

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News