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| Saturday, November 17, 2007

In recent years, Andy Lau had collaborated very well with Media Asia's Peter Lam. In 2002 when Andy got into a lawsuit with Clement Mak's CCT Telecoms, Peter shown him huge support. When the court case is settled, there is allegation that Peter was the middleman as it was alleged that Peter help Andy paid the $50 million compensation for Teamwork, thus it was said that Andy "sold himself" to Peter to repay his kindness, however such allegations are just pure allegation. These few years, Andy had set up his own companies to produce his albums and films, the court case with CCT had left him bad memories, but Andy still be his own boss to decide his own directions.

In recent years, Leon Lai also collaborated very well with Peter as other than being casted in Media Asia's films, Media Asia is also responsible for his albums, the company is also the organizer of his concerts. Finally, Andy and Peter had agreed on a heavenly price to join Media Asia, thus the company now has 2 heavenly kings who is Andy and Leon, including Sammi Cheng, such stable should consider as the strongest in Hong Kong!

When reporter rectified Andy joining Media Asia with the company, their spokesman didn't made any reply. It's believed that Andy joining Media Asia will be announced in a grand and official event, thus nothing can be revealed at the moment.

Currently, Media Asia has a strong stable of singers which include Sammi, Andy Hui, Denise Ho, up and coming Ivana Wong, Cheng Yung. Their sister company A Music is lead by Leon, its stable includes Miriam Yeung. With Andy joining the company, it would develop a battle for the number one brother of the company. When Media Asia first set up, it was alleged that Ady will be joining, until A Music was formed and Leon joining, it was touted that one mountain cannot contain 2 tigers, thus the allegation die off. Now Andy had suddenly decided to join Media Asia, it believed that Peter is supporting him to greater heights. It rumoured that Andy will be signed on with a fee of $2 billion for 2 years, will be releasing Mandarin and Cantonese albums; having collaborated with Media Asia in Infernal Affairs trilogy and The Warlords, Andy had agreed to participated in 2 Media Asia produced movies.

Media Asia will be holding a major press conference on 5 December in a 5 star hotel, it's believed that news of Andy's joining the company will be announced.

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News, Orienatal Daily News, Apple Daily News