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| Saturday, November 24, 2007

This year Andy Lau become the guardian of Ronald McDonalds House. Earlier he specially went to a hostel in Sha Tin to shoot the new music video of his new song - Angel Without Wings to urge people to donate. On that day, he play and shoot the video with a bunch of children, Andy even played hide and seek inside a cupboard with the children, he also performed magic for them to bring joy to them.

Andy wrote the lyrics of the song as he urge all people to lend a hand to help Ronald McDonalds House. In order to understand the charity organization, Andy specially go to the hostel of Ronald McDonald House at Sha Tin, he signed autographs for the children and took photographs with them, he also treated them with fresh fruits and snacks, he performed magic for them to the delights of the children.

Andy get along with the children very well as they stick to him throughout the shooting. Andy was specially caring to a group of girls, when playing games with the children during the shooting, he was overpower by the children and Andy chose not to fight back and allow them to overpower him, he's so comical that he even hide inside a cupboard.

Andy pointed out that the purposes of Ronald McDonald House is to provide a temporary staying place that is near to the hospital for the family members and children, when the children are receiving treatment in the hospital, the family members can also stayed in a comfortable home. In order for more hostels to be built in 9 areas in Hong Kong, donations are needed.

Together with Eason Chan, Soft Hard, Andy were the performing artistes for Ronald McDonald Children Day 2007 concert, all earnings from the concert will be donated to the fund.

In addition, during the shooting, Andy did managed to chat with some of the children and understand about their background stories, there is one girl from Hubei whom is receiving treatment from illness, Andy is proud of her mother whom is providing her with her full support.

news from: Apple Daily News