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| Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Peter Lam lead his artists Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho and Janice to attend AMusic Macao New Talent Quest.

When asked about using $1.5 billion to capture mega-star Andy Lau under Media Asia, boss Peter quipped: "You're talking about Andy Lau?" When asked how long he took to discuss with Andy, he said: "I've collaborated with him for 20 years." When asked if the high fees moved Andy, he said: "Correct, it's difficult as he always asked me to give him tickets of his own concert." When talked about the good response of Andy's concert and if there is any thoughts of adding more shows, he said: "There are no more slots for the Hong Kong Coliseum." When asked if the venue be moved to AsiaWorld-Expo, he replied: "Andy treated his fans very well, he does not wish them to take a long time to reach the venue."

When asked about Andy joining, Miriam appeared delighted as he sing praise of his boss, she said: "Boss has a sharp eye on estate investment, Andy is a landmark, I'm honored to be in the same company with him."

Denise whose idol is Andy was also excited as she does not think that Andy joining the company would minimize her role in the company as she feel that Andy would help the company to make more money.

Although both parties had not make any comments on the allegation, but Andy wrote a post titled "Don't be anxious" on his website as he wrote: "Not everything being reported in the newspapers cannot be trusted, just collaboration on my music, believed my decision, because I want to spent more time on composition, wait for his announcement in December, the future will be better." For Andy joining Media Asia, it would be the parent company whereas Leon Lai's AMusic is just a sister company thus Andy would have the upper hand. There are also allegation that Andy joining Media Asia, he also brought his management contract and Focus Films over, however Andy revealed that it was only collaboration for his music.

In addition, when Twins and Soft Hard performed in McDonald's World Children Day 2007 concert and Charlene Choi was told that Andy would also perform in the concert, Charlene said that she anticipated to duet with Andy as she revealed that Andy reject her request to be the special guest performer of her concert as he was too busy, thus Charlene's Christmas and birthday wish was hat Andy could be the special guest for their April 2008 concert special performing guest. When talked about Andy joining Media Asia, Charlene sighed: "That's great, I admire him." Gillian Chung express that her price would be hard to be compared with Andy as he had been in showbiz for more than 20 years, whereas Twins are only in the business for 6 years.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News