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| Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Andy Lau Wonderful World concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum got into its third night two nights ago but he already got scratched by the enthusiastic fans' fingernails. Several artistes went to support Andy which includes Hacken Lee, Twins, Adam Cheng, Karen Mok, Dayo Wong Tze Wah and "Most Beautiful Miss. Hong Kong" Loletta Chu who became a photographer as she brought along her DSLR.

Being the fans of Andy, Twins had special hugging privileges from Andy. Both girls sing praise that it was a great concert, meanwhile Hacken gave Andy 101 marks.

As the audience requested for encore every night, Andy exclaim that his voice started to go coarse and he's worried that fans might see him sing until he lost his voice thus the audience shouted out last night: "There are still 13 nights, please save some strength". The most popular segment is the hand shaking as whenever Andy walked near to the audience, the audience will hold onto him and refuse to let go, the previous night he was almost lost balance when grabbed by the audience as the securities came to "rescue" Andy from the fans.

Whenever Andy went to shake hands with the audience. he would be scratched by fingernails, some fans even snatched away the red nose of Andy's clown costume, however he does not mind and expressed it's to return the gratitude to the fans. He said: "I so happy to be able to shake hands with the audience as I hardly see them normally, many thanks for everybody's support, even it's shaking for 10,000 times, 1 billion times is not a problem." The only segment that he does not wish to get near to the audience is when he was wearing the expensive diamond ring, "I'm scared that I will lose millions."

Meanwhile Jet Li brought his wife and his 7-years-old daughter to watch Andy's concert last night.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News