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| Monday, December 17, 2007

Many Hong Kong singers had their albums photographs taken by photographer JC, recently a group of friends help him to prepare Awakening Photography Exhibition which will be held from tomorrow till 4 January 2008 in Central. Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue, Hins Cheng, Josie Ho and Tiffany Lee had agreed to attend the exhibition's opening ceremony. Zhou Xun whom had collaborated with JC previously will also jet over to Hong Kong on 21 December to show her support.

In recent years, Andy Lau's album sleeve photographs, movie and concert posters were handled by JC, Andy had wrote a short message to show his blessing and support to JC's fight against his illness. In the message Andy expressed: "We started up from "Dreams" (his book). Dreams are always the most beautiful and most cruel. "Sweet dreams" are always short and hard to remain. Sincerely thanks JC for working so hard through his camera lens and gave me so many "sweet dreams" memories. At his moment, what I can only do is to present you with this picture-less blessing. Hope that you would not give up and continue to fight bravely. I hope to collaborate with you again to create one sweet and touching dreams one after another." Andy also sing praise that JC is one talked less and worked more, careful and hardworking person.

Meanwhile, The Warlords are doing very well in Shenzhen as the craze is stronger than Lust, Caution. Looking at Golden Harvest Shenzhen multiplex, it made a box office taking of $150,000 on the premiere and it managed to collect $450,000 in the first weekend, it had collected a total of $910,000. When compared it has a higher box office collection than Lust, Caution thus The Warlords is able to create greater heights for this year's Chinese film box office takings.

December 15 and 16 are the first weekend of The Warlords screening, people start queuing up for tickets as early as 10AM, it was a sea of people. At 3:00pm, all screenings for the day had been sold out with a few tickets for midnight screenings, even the normally slow selling VIP tickets were sold out, the screening time was extended till midnight. The cinema staffs kept informing people that all tickets had been sold to maintain order. However some movie goers refuse to leave the cinema lobby, such scenario can be compared to the screening of Transformers in July.

One movie goer told the lobby's crew member: "This is scary, this place is not safe to come to watch a movie, if you lose attention you would have been pushed down." Many movie goers also loiter around the cinema's customer service counter to ask for screening time and if any additional screenings.

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po