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| Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Directed by Peter Chan, The Warlords had been doing well in box office collection in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The complicated relationship between Andy Lau, Jet Li and Xu Jinglei was the most discussed topic, Mainland China's ent.163.com had seize the chance to create a battle game which include the three characters.

The background of the game narrates "Andy" fining out that his lover had an affair with his big brother "Jet", the player will need to help "Andy" win back his lover as he fight with "Jet" for his lover. The game is different from other fighting game as the player only need to execute their moves through the keyboard, one will win if can defeat "Jet" in the stated time. If one to lose, the screen will have "Andy" crying and kneeling on the ground, "Jet" then wave to "Jinglei" and said out a victorious phrase. It's rather comical. Check out the game at http://ent.163.com/special/000327LU/toumingzhuang.html

Meanwhile Peter went to Taiwan to promote The Warlords for the second time and he specially clarify what he said in his previous promotion's press conference when he said that Andy had prepared to become the supporting actor because he had become the supporting actor in the movie. He said that Andy is the second leading actor, despite that he had acted very well, he's just like Chow Yun Fat in A Better Tomorrow who is also the third leading actor which he did a great performance and everybody remember him.

Peter stressed that Jet is the first leading actor in The Warlords and does not means that Andy and Takeshi Kaneshiro are the supporting actors, three of them are leading actors, thus when registering for the Golden Horse Film Awards or other film awards ceremonies, 3 of them will be registered together.

news from: Apple Daily News, China Daily Times