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| Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Currently Andy Lau is busy rehearsing for his solo concerts which would kicks off this Friday, as he does not have enough time to rehearse in the Hong Kong Coliseum, thus he specially spent $300,000 on a 1:1 stage in a warehouse in Tuen Mun. He rehearse for 6 hours every day and his slimming diet is hellish as he only ate 2 cookies for lunch, thus he lose another 5 pounds when compared to his earlier Mainland China tour. However he earlier rehearse a difficult dance routine with special guest Wong Yui, he received small cakes from Charlie Yeung to show her support, he ate them as rewards.

16 nights of Andy Lau Wonderful World concert 2007 will kick off at the Hong Kong Coliseum this Friday, recently he had been busy rehearsing. As tickets are hard to come by, Andy even used the available slots of Hong Kong Coliseum for his concerts, the Coliseum was handed over from today, excluding the 4 days needed to set up the stage, Andy could only step into the actual stage to rehearse on Thursday, with the concert starting this Friday, his only rehearsal in the Coliseum would be his final rehearsal.

The stage is designed by Andy, he also approached professionals technicians for help, the highlight of the stage is that it is full of traps, just the evaluator had 7 in total which will allow Andy to appear suddenly on the stage for him to show off his stunts and magic thus Andy's positioning must be very accurate thus advance rehearsals are needed. In the past, singers rented dance studio for their concert rehearsals but due to the short time, Andy specially spent $300,000 to rent a warehouse in Tuen Mun and set up a model of his stage for rehearsal. Andy had been rehearsing in Tuen Mun since last week, the warehouse is 30,000 feet and 7-storey high, Andy asked people to set up a stage that is 1:1 ratio to the stage in the Coliseum.

Last Saturday, Andy went for rehearsal in the afternoon to rehearse dancing with special guest Wong Yui whom is nicknamed China's Latin dancing queen had already collaborated with Andy during his 2001 concerts. Andy will be collaborated with her again as they would perform difficult Latin dance routine with her. On the day of rehearsal, they did several somersaults and over-turning movements, it looked tough as they were drenched in sweat.

For this concert, Andy had been rehearsing dancing for 6 hours each day, followed by singing. He set off early from home and return home late, in addition to his dieting, lack of determination would be hard to continue. For his concert tour in November, he already had a very slim and well toned body, now he's 5 pounds lighter when compared to November as now he weights only 145 pounds.

Andy expressed that he continue to follow the diet plan before his concerts of 10 years which is reduce salt, oil and flour intake, this time round he even forgo his Po Luo bun and butter for lunch as he only ate 2 pieces of cookies for lunch. On that day, he received small cakes personally baked by Charlie Yeung, he took it as encouragement and ate them. He said: "I would stop dieting in another 2 days, then I would start eating meat, I can't diet everyday as I would need more energy during the concert when compared to the rehearsals, then it would be also hard to put on weight."

T-shirt - HK$280

When asked what's the highlight for this concert, Andy quipped: "You will know after you watched the concert, I want to thanks Wong Yui who's willing to lend me a hand, we rushed through the rehearsals, it's being tough on everybody, we still need to accommodate the dancers' schedule, we have little time to rehearse, thus I have no time to attend photographer JC's exhibition, hope he won't mind and I wish he had a successful exhibition!"

Torch light - HK$60

Andy had also prepared several merchandises for this concert which includes T-shirts, caps, bags, wallets, mobile phone accessories and torch light, the torch light could project images of Andy, crystals were also sewn onto the T-shirts and caps to make it shiny. There are only 1,500 limited sets.

Bag - HK$300

Andy expressed that during his Mainland China concert tours, he did asked his fashion designer to sewn some crystals onto his T-shirt and several fans went to his company hoping to buy the T-shirts, thus he specially asked the fashion designer to design a T-shirt with crystal, gold and silver for sale, he said: "The material is good, my main motive is not to earn money, but to commemorate this event, commemorate that I spent 2007 and countdown 2008 with my fans."

Necklace - HK$160

Andy also thanks Jan Lam for helping him to design the concert's logo, he said: "This logo is designed by Jan before my Mainland China concert tour, he didn't even charge me, I really thanked him."

Cap - HK$250

For Andy's concert's commemorate merchandise, you can check them out at http://concert.andylau.com/.

Mobile Phone accessories - HK$250

news from: Apple Daily News