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| Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For every year, Andy Lau would gave away special gifts for the new year, currently the new 2008 calendar had been revealed. To welcome the 2008 Olympics Games, Andy had gone into sports mode as he transformed into a boxer, swimmer, soccer player, car racer and many other sports, he also seize the chance to show off his well-toned body. Some fans quipped that they need not attend Andy's concert and still managed to see Andy's well-toned body.

In the several sportsmen photographs being revealed, Andy became a "all-round sportsman" which includes bowling, golf, soccer, swimming, boxing, basketball, all sorts of sports. Many would have find his boxer image familiar as Andy express that it was to commemorate his 100th movie - A Fighter's Blues whom he did not used any body double for the boxing scenes in the movie, he still thinks that it was a tough experience.

There is another car racer photograph which made one think of director Ning Hao's new movie Silver Medal Car Racer (literally translated) which he had groom Ning Hao's directing career. It was alleged that Andy will be cast in the movie but the deal did not come through but Andy's car racer image still looked realistic.

It was expressed by Andy that all sportsmen images were his own ideas, other than writing Olympic Games theme song Everyone is No.1, he would also like to take a series of sportsmen photographs to show his support for the Olympics Games. When asked if he specially went training to tone up his body for the photographs, Andy expressed that he exercise normally, in addition to his upcoming solo concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum, he had already started his rehearsals as he need to practice his dancing for at least 5-6 hours per day.

news from: sina.com