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| Sunday, December 23, 2007

It had been 3 years since Andy Lau held his concert in Hong Kong, he once again stepped onto the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum the previous night as he put his life on the line as he transformed himself into Bandai effect as he allowed 700V of electricity through his body before being passed to the 3 dancers whom were carrying swords. Andy quipped that his fingers were numbed by the electricity, but he's still a daredevil as without any protection he almost lost his balance at high height, jump off from high height, it looked dangerous, really put his life on the line. 46 years old Andy even shouted on the stage that the idol wanted to get into a relationship!

16 nights of Hong Kong Andy Lau Wonderful World concert 2007 kicked off at the Hong Kong Coliseum two nights ago, this time round it's different from the earlier Mainland China tour as a 4-sided stage was used, even the content is value-added which included electricity shot from the air. Wearing a metallic suit appeared on the stage, the dancer help him to wear a silver helmet, he raised his both hands, electricity shot from the top of the Coliseum to his head and body, after the performance, the electricity supply was cut off for a short moment for it to discharge.

Andy had tried playing with wind, fire and water effect in his past concerts, this time playing with electricity, he specially invited professionals from America for this effect. When talked about his feeling of being electrocuted, Andy said: "The suit will help me to discharge the electricity, we had a throughly check before the concert to confirm there is nothing wrong with the suit thus we stopped anyone from coming to the backstage area for interview, the 2 dancers whom help me wear the helmet must be very steady, there's nothing wrong with my body, but my fingers are a bit numbed."

During the concert, a few dangerous incidents happened, Andy was standing at a platform that's 35 feet off the ground without any safety belt as he only used his hand to steady his body.

When he was singing 'An Li Zao Mi', the platform suddenly begin to wobble, which gave him a scare as he held onto the railing tightly.

There is another platform of the shape of Christmas tree, he was performing a flying act as he dashed down which made one nervous.

As there are many traps in the stage, Andy was singing 'Ben Xiao Hai' and having a close body contact dance with the female dancer, the female dancer almost lost balance and Andy held her his hand in time.

Later Andy also dressed up as Cow Herd as he collaborated with the female dancer whom dressed up as Girl-weaver for a short musical, they were so concentrated in the performance, after they hugged in mid-air, suddenly the female dancer dropped to the stage, although it was pre-arranged but the audience was apparently shocked of it.

Throughout the night, Andy changed a total of 7 costumes, it's multi-changing as it included civilize handsome image, after the concert kick off, he wore a white construction worker suit with a $1 million diamond ring, he used his strength to pull aside his suit to reveal his chest, even the button of the pants was almost pulled off to reveal his underpants, luckily the diamond ring is unharmed.

As he was wearing the $1 million diamond ring for his show, Andy tried to keep himself a distance away from the audience as he quipped: "This ring his highly secured, people specially help me to wear it, after removing it for me he would leave the Coliseum immediately."

Andy also dressed up as clown and magician, what's surprisingly is that he asked the fans: "Does the idol has a girlfriend?" The audience replied: "Should have!" Andy continued: "I wanted to introduce a female friend, I've been in a relationship with her for 14 years, she always need to change her image in order for everyone not able to photograph her." After saying, he waive his magic as he sing and change the costume of the female dancer at the same time. When he sang love song, he quipped: "From playing with electricity at the start of the concert, hugged many females, till now I'm performing magic, hope everyone can enjoy my slow songs."

At the hand shaking segment, the atmosphere is pushed high again, Andy was afraid of accident as he stopped running to the center of the stage and urge the fans to cool down before getting closer to the audience, the concert ended at 11:15 pm.

After the concert, Andy celebrated with champagne. When talked about the girlfriend he mentioned on stage, he said that it was not his real story but rather an introduction of his performance, but with regards to whether he was in a relationship, he said: "The fans said that I should be, actually it true, idol is also a human and not a peacock. I think I will." It was reported that Chapman To was chased away by his landlord who happened to be Andy, he explain: "The lease will expire next year, Chapman had called me earlier telling me that he wanted to buy his own apartment, thus he will moved after he found one."

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, SingTao News