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| Friday, December 28, 2007

On Christmas Day, Kenny Bee brought his girlfriend Fan Jiang and his two daughters to watch Andy Lau's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Andy specially dedicated a song 'Jin Tian' (Today) to him which touched Andy to tears which in terms touches Andy to tears too.

In the middle of Andy's concert, Andy suddenly said: "I wanted to thanked a person, whenever I have a concert and he would be among the audience supporting me, many thanks to brother Bee, today I specially picked a song for him." The spotlight shone on Kenny whom was sitting in the VIP seats, looking at him Andy sang 'Jin Tian' with the audience clapped along, Kenny stand up and also clapped his hands, he cried as he was touched by the lyrics as Fan Jiang gave him tissue to wipe his tears. On seeing the situation, Andy also can't help and cried as he pull down his hat to cover his crying.

Recently Kenny release a book of his life story McDonald Says as Andy wrote the forward for him, Andy wrote that Kenny bravely faced the up and down of his life which made him remember the lyrics of 'Jin Tian', thus he specially dedicated the song to him as Kenny was there to watch him perform. Kenny quipped: "I'm not sure if Andy is trying to make fun of me as he made me cried on Christmas Day. When I heard that Andy will be dedicating the song to me, I'm already very surprise, the lyrics reflect my feelings, in addition to the atmosphere, I can't hold it any longer and cried. I've never cried in front of millions of people, this is an unforgettable Christmas."

For the past couple of days, when Andy shake hands with the audience, he was also pull towards the audience seats, he fall down the previous night. Andy then raise his right hand to show the scratch marks and quipped a warning: "I'm warning all of you, if you pull me till I fall down, I'll really beat you up, if you still don't cut your finger nails, I'll cancel the segment of shaking hands, how am I suppose to say to the woman in my house? If I can explain to the first one, I could not explain to the second one lar!" The comical part is one fan shouted: "You come here and sister will show care to you." Andy quipped: "Still come over? You don't believe that I'll beat you up?" The audience burst into laughters.

After the concert, Kenny specially went to the backstage and told Andy that he had performed a good show as they gave each other a hug. Kenny's daughter wishes Andy Merry Christmas as Andy gave her a kiss and told her that she's very cute.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News