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| Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was Christmas Eve 2 nights ago, other than China's Latin dancing queen Wong Yui, there was another special guest on Andy Lau's 4th night concert, this special guest is none other than Jet Li's 7-years-old daughter Jane Li. It is heard that Jane had been a student of Wong Yui, when Andy was thinking of looking for a young dancer, Wong Yui told him that Jane danced very well thus Andy asked Jet for permission, Jet asked his daughter and she agreed immediately as she said that to be able to perform with Andy is like a Christmas wish came true, forgoing the Christmas holiday also does not matter. For that night's performance, Jane had been practicing for 4 days.

Playing the role of Andy's "daughter", they had a Latin dance and Jane had inherited from her parents' talent in performing as she does not disappoint a crowd of 13,000 as she gave a professional and cute performance. After her performance, Jane return to the VIP seats to accompany her father to watch the remaining of Andy's concert, whereas her mother Nina Li Chi sat another side to watch the concert with her younger daughter. Andy said on stage: "Brother Jet, your daughter danced very well, wait for me to reborn and will dance with her, we didn't say anything, you and me is enough. I'm also very touched that you came to support me."

Jet later revealed that he won the martial arts champion when he was 11 years old, his daughter is more smart than him as she had already won the local dancing competition championship twice and also won competition overseas.

Other than Jet and his family, Liza Wong and Lau Kar Ying also went to the Hong Kong Coliseum to show their support to Andy as he hurried them to get married, he thanked them for coming to support him and asked: "When would you get married?" The audience got excited and Andy continued: "Why not propose now!" Liza immediately stand up and kept herself a distance away from Lau Kar Ying and they seemed embarrasses, Andy then came to a conclusion: "Everybody had been asking me for a long time why I'm not yet married, I can't asked people to take action, cohabited will do, most importantly is be happy."

The audience refused to leave as Andy came out for encore twice as he quipped that if every audience was to come out with $10, they would be able to count down as the fine for overtime would be not an issue, he finally sang 3 more songs and the concert ended at 11:35 pm.

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po