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| Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 first report card of the music industry - Metro Radio music awards presentation ceremony was held last night.

Although the radio station is currently downsizing, but it still distributed presents to the singers as they gave out 94 awards last year but they gave away 115 awards this year.

The biggest winners are Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee as each of them won 5 awards each, thus the three of them currently lead the 4 Station Joint Presented Media Award. On the female singers side, Joey Yung currently leads with 3.5 awards.

However, it seems that no matter how the station tried to distribute the awards equally, it does not seems to achieve it as the record companies would still make noise. There is no surprise for the results as what we have is just a long list of winners.

Despite Andy was in the Hong Kong Coliseum for his solo concert, Metro Radio brought the 5 awards that he won which include Hit Song Award, Original Composition Commerical Song, World's Stage Performer, World's Songwriter-Singer and World Best Singer awards to be presented to him in the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Andy said: "I've to do my concert tour this year thus I have no time to attend several music award presentation ceremonies, many thanks to Metro Radio, although I'm unable to attend the ceremony, they still presented the award to me, hope that wherever I go, the other organization would also "go" there to present me the awards."

news from: Ming Pao, Sina.com