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| Monday, December 03, 2007

Andy Lau had several experiences shooting scenes while riding on horses, nevertheless shooting such scenes have it's own potential danger, he pointed out that while shooting Warlords he had come out with a trick called "riding a blind horse", that is using the black cloth to cover the horse's eyes to allow them to concentrate running as to prevent them from getting wild during to distraction. However, he still failed to prevent it as there is a scene when the horse was dashing too fast that it collide with a pole and Andy had no choice but to jump off the horse, luckily the armor that he was wearing was hard enough to prevent him from injuring himself, it gave the crew members a scare.

In addition, the most comical is when Jet Li kept "injuring" Andy whom was already injured by a spear, first it was Jet's armor which scratched Andy's finger which resulted blood kept flowing. Then, there is another scene when Andy was chained up by Jet, it was so tight that Andy's finger was swollen, Takeshi Kaneshiro was laughing that when Jet gets serious, even those standing by the side would also get injured.

news from: SingTao News