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| Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tang Wei whom was nominated for the Best Actress award in Independent Spirit Awards, her price had upped 100 times since Lust, Caution. There is allegation in Mainland China that she would partner Andy Lau in a martial arts film directed by Jacob Chang next year titled Thang Ka. Thang Ka is pronounced in Tibet language, meaning Buddhist scroll, it's alleged that when princess Wen Cheng entered Tibet, to prevent Gao Yuan from taking away the Buddha stature, thus invented the drawing of image of Buddha on scroll.

The story will be about Tang Tai Zong Li Shi Ming trying to prevent princess Wen Cheng from being assassinated when she entered Tibet, thus prepared a highly martial arts skilled clone, this role will be played by Tang Wei, thus she would taking up a fighting role for a change. the shooting of Thang Ka will take 6 months in Tibet, however Andy had not confirmed whether the shooting will accommodate his schedule, meanwhile Tang Wei management company spokesman did not reply on this matter.

news from: Apple Daily News