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| Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sammi Cheng attended MTV Super Awards presentation ceremony in Shanghai two nights ago, she revealed that she would return to the movie industry as she would be shooting a new movie with Eason Chan. Sammi also sing praise of Andy as he's the person that she trusted most, she said: "I think we should have many chances to collaborate."

When asked about the allegation that Andy would be collaborating with Media Asia's Peter Lam, Sammi appeared excited as she said: "I'm so happy, I've never thought this would happen, I'm happy for him more than for myself, he's a person in showbiz that can gave me 100% trust and security, I think we should have many chances to collaborate."

When singers were asked to chose an artist that would live till 100 years old. Gigi Leung chose Andy, she said: "I would chose Andy Lau, because he's really full of energy, he's also so hardworking, love his job and put all efforts into it. He had more than 100 movies to his name, I believe that if he would to live till 100 years old, at least he would have 300 movies to his name, then he would have broke the world record. Most importantly, Andy gave people a feeling that he's full of energy, his energy seems unlimited, even if he's 100 years old, he would still be so fresh."

news from: Apple Daily News